Zach Roloff breaks a record with his latest incredible feat

A new preview of the upcoming episode is available. LPBW (Little People, Big World), Amazing feat accomplished by Zach Roloff TLC’s star Roloff takes on a daunting challenge and amazes everyone with his feat. He even broke an existing record. Continue reading for all the details.

A new season of TLC’s LPBW The show premiered on Tuesday, May 17th. It’s the Roloff family’s 23rd season on TLC.

Next episode of the series will be aired on Tuesday, 25 May, and will feature Zach pushing himself and overcoming many obstacles. The father of three isn’t letting anything stand in his way and wants to show his kids that they can do anything, too, regardless of their size.

So what’s Zach done? And how can fans see him doing it?

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Zach and Tori Roloff/Credit to TLC YouTube

LPBW: Zach Roloff accomplishes a remarkable feat.

Monday, May 23rd People A preview of the Tuesday May 24th episode of The CW has been shared Little People, Big World. Zach shows off his powerlifting skills in the video clip. He’s a part of the Hardcore Barbell Weightlifting Competition. He has to complete the deadlift, bench press and back squat in the competition.

Zach will be watched by three judges as he lifts 385 pounds. He adds, “If I lift it, I’ve beaten the record by four lbs.”Two of the three judges must approve the squaret.

Amy Roloff’s husband, Chris Marek, is impressed by Zach’s feat. The LPBWClip by Chris “It’s impressive to watch anyone to lift that much weight. Also to see someone Zach’s size. It’s even much more impressive. That’s gotta be sending a good message to Jackson, that size doesn’t matter. And Zach is leading a great example.”


Zach says that he is satisfied with his achievement. “I was pretty stoked. This is the end of a really long journey of working out and getting to this moment. I was really excited!”

As we reported, another clip in this episode shows Zach having to adhere to a strict diet before he could take on the challenge. He had to lose an additional couple of pounds in order for him to be able compete in his preferred weight class. This meant that he couldn’t eat the steak his wife prepared. It looks like everything worked out.

You can Take a look at the sneak peak here.

So, does Zach Roloff’s big accomplishment amaze you? Is this an episode you are looking forward to? Comment below and we will be back! TV Shows Ace For more information LPBW news. Don’t miss the new episode on Tuesday, May 24 on TLC.

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