You’re using TikTok all wrong – turn on this feature to get ‘more views’ on your videos

TikTok’s VIRAL video has highlighted a key feature that you need to use if you want to get more views.

Popular TikToker @amhacks1 posted this trick to their account that has nearly 150,000 subscribers.


TikToker @amhacks1 claimed to have discovered a new feature that could help you get more TikTok viewCredit: TikTok

The TikTok video states: “New TikTok feature you need to turn ON ASAP.”

The TikToker will then guide you step-by-step through how to ensure your “Video reposts”The feature is activated.

This will allow others to repost videos of yours and can help you get more views.

To activate the feature, open TikTok and go to Settings.

Click on the three horizontal lines located in the upper left hand corner of this app to access it.

Click “Settings and privacy”And then “Privacy”.

Next, scroll down and then click “Repost”.

Make sure the toggle is next to your keyboard. “Video reposts”It is on.

TikToker claims that this will increase your views.

If you are looking to grow your TikTok profile and don’t mind the public seeing your videos, it sounds like a good idea.

Those who prefer to be private might opt to have these features disabled.

TikToker @amhacks1 claimed that this new feature is brand new. Some commenters said they couldn’t see it in their accounts.

Some users claim they can't see the "Video reposts" section on their app


Some users claim that they cannot see the message. “Video reposts”Section on their appCredit: TikTok

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