You should follow 7 rules of flying etiquette if you are a travel professional. It’s common sense, but passengers can be naughty.

Many are returning to the skies after pandemic lockdowns. But not all of them remember the basic rules of flying.

The top tips and tricks of the best travel pros are shared here.


These are the top travel pros’ tips to be a considerate passenger on a plane

Travelers shared seven rules of flying that they believed should be followed.

One traveler stated that too many jewelry can cause security screenings to be slow.

It’s better not to take jewelry with you on vacation, and to leave it at home.

Another traveler suggests moving away from the belt of belongings located on the other side the security checkpoint, when you are putting on your shoes.

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Standing in the middle of a line to get your shoes on could lead to a jam for other people.

Your boarding pass and identification should be ready for you when you get to the security checkpoint.

The time spent searching for these items could lead to delays or major holdups.

Another traveler suggested that large bags be stored in the overhead bins.

You can store a backpack under your seat to save overhead storage for larger bags that are too large.

Also, make sure to check behind your back before reclining your seat on the plane.

Sometimes, reclining your plane seat requires force. In these cases, the seat can be jerked backwards.

If someone behind you is using the tray to hold a beverage, you could splash it if they suddenly recline.

One travel professional suggests the following advice for armrest etiquette.

One armrest is given to the passenger who sits in the aisle, two to the passenger in middle, and one to the passenger who is at the window.

It all depends on the type and make of the plane.

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Do not try to communicate small talk with someone who is using headphones.

A person using headphones is likely to not want to talk and should be respected.


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