YODEL HACKED : Millions of customers experience parcel delays due to cyber-attacks on delivery service

MILLIONS of Yodel clients are experiencing delays as a result of a catastrophic cyber attack. 

Courier was hit with a hacker attack on Sunday, causing its computers to crash.


After the cyber attack on Yodel, millions of customers experience delaysCredit: Alamy

The Sun understands that critical operating systems such as delivery tracking, customer service and apps used by drivers were disabled.

It means millions of customers expecting parcels from Argos, Aldo, Very, and M&S will face delays. 

The National Crime Agency has been contacted by experts to help with the investigation. 

However, the safety of customer data is still not confirmed. 

A joint investigation is ongoing with the NCA and Cyber Security Centre as well as the Information Commissioner’s Office. 

Yodel was told by a source that the hack had affected all digital parts of the company.

“Nobody will be getting a parcel any time soon. 

“Drivers are unable to log into their apps in order to scan a parcel. Nothing can be processed. There are also concerns about customer data.

“Bosses are exploring ways to deliver parcels they already have in their warehouses. However, nobody knows how much time it will take. 

“And cyber police are involved, everybody taking it very seriously.”

Yodel apologized to customers and said: “We are working to restore our operations as quickly as possible but for now, order tracking remains unavailable and parcels may arrive later than expected.” 

Yodel spokesmen said that Yodel was affected by a cyber incident which caused some disruption. 

“We are currently servicing customers, but tracking is currently affected. 

“As soon we discovered the incident, we initiated an investigation. It was led by our IT division, and supported by an IT forensics group. 

“We are working as fast as possible to restore tracking and have engaged all relevant authorities.

“Yodel would like to sincerely apologise to their clients and their customers for any disruption this incident may have caused, and reassure them that the team are working around the clock to resolve this incident.”


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