Yankees Pass Dodgers as MLB’s Most Hated Team, Predicted to Win World Series Over Los Angeles – Los Angeles

We wrote last August that the Los Angeles Dodgers were voted the most hated team in Major League Baseball, beating the New York Yankees (and the Houston Astros) by a wide margin.

It’s been almost ten months since then and things have improved.

According to BetOnline.agThe same sports betting site that monitored Twitter data for months to determine the Dodgers America’s most hated team, has now voted the Yankees the worst domestic team.

BetOnline has been tracking data across Twitter since the beginning of the 2022 MLB season. They use high-tech software to detect trends, derogatory words, hashtags and keyword associations with MLB teams throughout the league. The numbers were released recently and the top 10 most hated MLB team teams were revealed.

At number one, the Yankees are now followed by the Dodgers and finally the Astros. Since the beginning of the year, these three teams have alternated between being the most hated in the league.

The Phillies and Red Sox round out our top 10, followed by the Cubs, Red Sox, Giants, and Red Sox. Below is a complete list of the 10 most hated MLB team:

  1. New York Yankees — 6766
  2. Los Angeles Dodgers – 5618
  3. Houston Astros – 4865
  4. Philadelphia Phillies – 3891
  5. Chicago Cubs – 3059
  6. Boston Red Sox – 2764
  7. San Francisco Giants – 2486
  8. New York Mets – 2454
  9. St. Louis Cardinals – 2335
  10. Minnesota Twins -1710

BetOnline is a betting website that offers odds to bet on sports, including the 2022 World Series. The Dodgers are the odds-on favorite to lift the Commissioner’s Trophy at season’s end with 5 to 1 odds. However, the Yankees are just 9 to 1.

BetOnline, however, believes that the Yankees will win in 2022. This is based on the same software that ranked them the most hated in baseball. It was based on Twitter data.

Using geotagged data, analyzing over 120,000 tweets containing keyword phrases like “who will win the World Series”And “World Series champs,”Yankees is the team most often associated with those words.

Geographical locations in the United States influenced some of these results. When it came down to who would win the 2022 World Series, the Southeast portion of the US was dominated by the Atlanta Braves. BetOnline has the Braves at 11-1 odds to win this season.

The Western United States chose the Dodgers. However, the Yankees won the most support from the Northeast, North, and Alaska.

Below is a breakdown of how states chose who they think will win the 2022 world series:

  1. New York Yankees: 14 states
  2. Atlanta Braves – 7 States
  3. Los Angeles Dodgers – 6 states
  4. St. Louis Cardinals – 6 states
  5. Boston Red Sox – 5 states
  6. Houston Astros – 3 states
  7. San Francisco Giants- 2 states
  8. Philadelphia Phillies – 2 States
  9. Tampa Bay Rays – 1 state
  10. Milwaukee Brewers – 1 state
  11. Chicago White Sox: 1 state
  12. Seattle mariners – 1 state
  13. Cleveland Guardians 1 state


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