WWE Raw 328: 3 Must-See Moments, Complete Results

Monday Night Raw presents Go-home ShowWrestlemania is less than a week away. Smackdown Tag Champs, The Usos, were challenged by WWE Raw Tag Team Champions. Here are three must-see moments from WWE Raw. Plus, the full results. Bobby Lashley returned to confront Omos in order to set up their next match. Rey Mysterio was defeated by The Miz, while Roman Reigns (and Brock Lesnar) spoke out. These are the three most memorable moments from WWE Raw.

WWE Raw: 3 Must-See Moments

Kevin Owens’ final warning
Kevin Owens will be welcoming Steve Austin to the KO Show on Saturday, Night 1 of Wrestlemania. A video package featuring Stone Cold’s legendary career was shown on WWE Raw. Kevin Owens mocked Owens after the video was shown, and said that Owens’ time had come. Owens ripped into Stone Cold and predicted that he’d do nothing more than run his mouth and drink a beer at Wrestlemania.

Bianca plays Barbara
Becky Lynch and Bianca Belair’s feud dates back to Summerslam. Belair was stunned when Becky Lynch appeared and Becky beat Belair in six seconds. Since then, Belair has done everything in her power to regain her title and she’ll have a chance at Wrestlemania. Belair stood in the ring and spoke her mind, leading to Lynch’s attempt to attack her from behind. Belair was aware of Lynch’s sneak attack and the women exchanged blows in the middle. Lynch got the initial advantage and attempted to cut Belair’s hair before the EST of WWE was able to turn the tables with a KOD. Belair hit a second KOD and then cut Lynch’s hair in the middle of the ring.

Bobby’s Back

An All-Understanding Return
The Colossus Omos made his entrance to the ring in order to take on The Viking Raiders in a handicap match. As he’s done in the past, Omos barely broke a sweat in the match that lasted less than one minute. Omos won the countout by knocking the Viking Raiders to the ground and failing to answer the 10-count. Omos was then asked if anyone could beat him after the match. Omos quickly laughed off this question. Bobby Lashley’s music played, and Omos was back as the former WWE Champion. Lashley appeared in the ring to meet Omos. Omos got the initial advantage but Lashley changed the rules and knocked Omos to his knees. Both men pointed at the Wrestlemania sign, signaling that there would be a match at the show.

WWE Raw: Complete Results

Rey Mysterio def. The Miz Skim It, **
Omos def. The Viking Raiders (Countout), Buy a PassDUD
Sasha Banks and Naomi are def. Natalya and Shayna Baszler. Carmella and Queen Zelina. Buy a Pass, *
Austin Theory def. Ricochet, Buy a Pass, *1/2
Drew McIntyre def. Happy Corbin and Madcap Moss Buy a Pass, *
RKBro vs The Usos Worth the investment in a watch, ***

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