World News: Diner discovers cockroaches after his son eats it.

A father snapped shocking photographs of a cockroach on his son’s food bowl and claimed he confronted restaurant staff in Xuzhou (China).

A diner found a small cockroach in the bowl of his son’s food.

A horrified diner found a cockroach at the bottom of his son’s bowl of food after he had finished eating at a restaurant in China.

When the unnamed man approached staff at the restaurant, Xuzhou in the eastern province Jiangsu, China, the bowl was snatched from him.

If he wanted to make a claim about a cockroach being in his meal, he was allowed to call the police.

Douyin in China, which is the Chinese version TikTok’s Chinese counterpart, made the footage viral. People expressed horror at the poor hygiene.

Baidu reports that the incident happened while the man was eating out at the restaurant along with his son.

After the cockroaches had been found in the food, the man complained.



It is reported that a settlement was reached for compensation.



Staff tried to convince the man to not tell the police, but he instead reported the incident to the Chinese food standards agency and health department.

It is reported that an agreement was made between the restaurant and the man where compensation of 165 Chinese yuan (£19) would be paid to the diner.

Chinese authorities claimed that no case had been filed against either party and that an investigation was not underway.

There have been many reports of cockroaches in restaurants, but there are far fewer instances of them actually getting into food.

A woman in China was also horrified to discover 40 dead cockroaches in a take-out meal in 2019.

A disgusted resident from Shantou City, South China’s Guangdong Province purchased a braised duck dish as her dinner.

She was planning an evening out with her friends when she received the meal at her doorstep.

The shocked diners at the table were stunned when one of the diners said that they had found a dead cockroach in the food.

According to the woman, after the insect was removed they started inspecting the duck dish closer and discovered carcass after carcass full of dead cockroaches.

The restaurant apologized and was later reported to have been temporarily closed.

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