Woman Who Used Alexa To Scream ‘Get The W**** Out’ At Ex’s Partner Gets Suspended Sentence


A woman who used an Amazon Alexa device to scream abuse at her ex’s new partner has been handed a suspended sentence.

Phillipa Copleston-Warren, 46, from London, was jailed for three months, with her sentence suspended for one year. Isleworth Crown Court heard how Copleston-Warren gained access to the Amazon Echo at the home of her former boyfriend, 100 miles away from her Chelsea home.

Using an app, Copleston-Warren was able to scream the words ‘get the w**** out’ through the speaker when the new partner entered her ex-partner’s bedroom, and was also able to switch the bedside lamp on and off.

Amazon Alexa (Alamy)Alamy

As reported by the BBC News, the unnamed former boyfriend had been caring for Copleston-Warren’s dog at his Lincolnshire home in October 2019 after it had undergone medical treatment.

Because of this situation, Copleston-Warren was permitted joint access to the Alexa system as well as CCTV cameras, so that she might be able to check on her pet.

The court heard how Copleston-Warren went on to post a naked picture of her ex on Facebook, with the caption ‘Do I look fat???’. She also locked him out of his Facebook and Match.com accounts, and sent derogatory messages to his new girlfriend.

While passing sentence, Judge John Denniss said:

I have no doubt that at the time of the offence you were concerned about your dog and the operation it had just had.

But I am not convinced at all that that was the primary or the only factor that was causing you personal distress.

There was an element which was nasty, of jealousy, of revenge, and irrational behaviour which led to fury-like behaviour in you.

I use the word because it reminds me of the aphorism, ‘Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned,’ and here there are elements of that fury.

Amazon Alexa (Alamy)Alamy

In a victim impact statement, Copleston-Warren’s former partner described how he believed the incident had ‘ruined’ the respect others had once had for him, leaving him ‘devastated’.

Copleston-Warren, who had previously pled guilty to disclosing private sexual images with the intention of causing distress, was also given a seven-year restraining order.


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