Woman takes care of her Grandfather until he passes away, but the family ignores him.

A woman who was close to her grandfather, and with whom she had a deep connection, decided to care for him when he became sick. However, she was baffled when her family’s attitude toward him changed suddenly one day. 

The actions speak louder that the words. Maybe this is why we should do our best to help and be kind towards one another. Sometimes, the most life-altering or painful truths are revealed when we go through trials and tribulations. 

It is often said that tough times are what help us to realize our strengths and bring out our best. However, it is possible for hardships to test your patience and cause you to feel overwhelmed. This can leave you feeling confused and at a crossroads. 

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Reddit user tries to resolve a personal issue. She identified herself to be a 29-year old woman. I grew up in an evangelical family. 

When she spoke about her upbringing, the woman said that her parents instilled the notion of “predefined gender roles” in her from a tender age. She accepted her upbringing as a child. As she grew older, however, she began to question certain things. 

She said that she also had an older brother. “the second king of the house,”As her parents loved to Call him. This meant that he was second in line for authority after her parents. His orders were to be respected. Source: Unsplash

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The woman is just like many children her age. She was very fond of her grandfather.He was happy to reciprocate her feelings.

After her granddad died, she said that everything was changing. 

According to her, the primary reason she and her grandfather became close was because he disagreed with the way her parents raised them. With a growing desire to follow the gender norms. 

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Redditor aIt_throwthrow She explained that her grandparents lived in a lovely house with no neighbors and a lush garden full of trees. She added that she knew of a wonderful home her grandparents had lived in with no neighbors. the house was incredibly special to them,They had to wait many years to repay it. 

The grandmother of the woman It was their dream to spend the winter happily and peacefully. However, her grandfather’s health declined over time, and he developed back problems and a severe health condition, which made it difficult for him to move around. 

Things turned sour when the grandmother of the Redditor died. Her granddad was left devastated by her loss. He also needed support and care at home because of his critical condition. 

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Original Poster (OP), stated that Her grandfather did not want any strangers in his home. He was devastated after losing his wife, the love and life of his dreams. Her parents’ treatment of him was a source of deep frustration and confusion. She wrote: 

“My parents preached that it was punishment for all his sins so they wouldn’t take care of him and were planning on putting him in a home.”

OP claimed that her granddad was treated well by her parents despite the alleged odd treatment he received from them. So that he could get care from a friend, she decided to stay.She stated that she made all the arrangements and started working from home. 

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She took care of her grandfather and their love filled the house with laughter, joy, and love. But her granddad continued to get worse, and throughout the ordeal, OP confessed that She didn’t hear anything from her older brother or parents. 

She was recalling a conversation she had with her granddad. where he light-heartedly talked about signing the deed of his house in her name. She thought he was making fun of her, but she said she wasn’t ready to accept the future. 

OP lost her grandfather. Despite her differences with her parents, she did not want her parents to hear the sad news from a stranger. They were there to witness the funeral, and she admitted her guilt. It was her first interaction with them in years. 

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OP and her extended family grieve the death of their grandfather. They gathered briefly to comfort each other. After her granddad died, however, she was reunited with her family. The woman said that everything was changing. 

Soon, it was time to all get to know the will of the elder man. According to OP After her late grandpa’s will was finally revealed, there was much family drama. 

It turned out that the older man actually was the best. Had left everything to OP’s dad, to her, even the house. The woman mentioned that her family accused her, among other things, of manipulating her grandfather into giving her everything. 

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OP shared with her that her older brother, who was in tears, had visited her to make a special request. She described: 

“He was begging me to give him the house since his was too small for his wife and baby. He argued that because it’s just me and my husband and we don’t want kids I don’t need it.”

Despite her telling him to go, The woman later admitted that she felt awful about it. She claimed she couldn’t stop replaying the scene in her head. A part of her knew that she didn’t really need the house, as her job paid well and she could live anywhere. 

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OP was aware that her grandfather wanted her inherit the house as he did not want her to leave it to her dad. She is utterly lost and confused about what she did right.She shared her story at the “AITA section”Reddit. 

OP asked Redditors if they thought she should sell the house that she inherited from her grandfather. Redditor czndra67 commented:

“You took care of your grandfather out of love, expecting nothing in return. Your dad and brother gave nothing, and expected everything in return. Keep the house. Your grandfather made the right decision.”

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Redditor another, CrochetBeth, Opinion that envy was a sin, and good Christians always helped those in need without being judgmental. The user also stated that OP’s parents did not follow the guidelines. “the man is the head of the household”Christianity is a part of it.

Redditor also noted that OP’s family did not get the Ten Commandments, particularly when they are asked about them. “honor their father and mother,”They didn’t pay tribute to her grandfather. 

Redditor number three TrekkerOne, Here are the seven deadly sins. This suggestion is forBecause her parents were hitting too many of the sins, OP had to write them all on a fancy card. Source: Unsplash 

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Slow-Bumblebee8609 on Reddit said that OP’s parents once stated her grandfather was being punished because of his sins and that they should not want a house full of sinners. OP was asked to remind her parents that, “You shall not covet your neighbor’s house.”Redditor furthermore wrote:

“On all seriousness, your grandpa gave it to YOU. He wanted YOU to live in a house he loved and lived on, he wanted to give that for YOU. Giving it away to someone who insulted him and treated him as less than is almost an insult to his memory.”

Redditors overwhelmingly recommended that OP not feel guilty about inheriting the house of her grandfather. Instead, they recommended she relish in the joy of living in the beautiful home and honor his memory.

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Questions to consider: 

Are you sure that OP’s grandfather left the house for her to live in?

According to the story, it was clear that OP shared a lovely bond with her granddad and looked after him when he was unwell. The grandfather-granddaughter duo had always been close, and perhaps the older man left her the house to thank her for her love and time.

What do you think?

Are you sure that OP’s family was right to be angry at her about the inheritance? 

OP’s grandparents never felt loved or respected by her parents. They never showed any love or concern for him, and they didn’t even care if he was ill.

Her family’s behavior only changed when they learned about her grandfather’s death. You might believe they did it to get their share of the inheritance. This is evident by OP’s father and older brother’s actions. What are you thinking? 

This article was enjoyed by many. It is about a granddaughter who defended the last wishes of her grandfather regarding an inheritance that had caused a family split. 

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