Woman shows off a very clever way to get 100ml liquid on holiday

A WOMAN shows us how she got around strict 100ml liquid rules while on holiday.

To travel through UK airports, all of your liquids must be less than 100ml if travelling with just hand luggage, and have to fit in a 100ml x 100ml plastic bag.


This woman reveals how she got around the 100ml ruleCredit: TikTok
Booking an airport collection means going back security, so no 100ml rules


Book an airport collection and you will be returned to security.Credit: TikTok

Holly Louise, a TikTok user shared this simple trick on social media.

She stated that it was the “best idea I’ve ever had”More than 21k people liked the video.

She writes: “This is your sign to do a Boots order for collection at the airport so you can get over 100ml.”

She showed her large collection of Boots products, which were above the liquid restrictions.

Not only did she get around the 100ml limits but it meant she didn’t have to pay airport prices which are often higher than the high street.

One woman stated: “THIS IS GENIUS. I was literally thinking of buying things in duty free, but then found this!”

Another woman also agreed to: “Love this! I always just pay for check-in baggage so I never worry but I’ll be trying this next time.”

Many people wondered how she brought it home, since the products broke the 100ml limit when she returned.

Holly explained that you’ll use most of the money on holiday, especially if you share with a friend. You won’t even need to bring it back.

Holly is not the only person who discovered this. TikTok shared another woman’s clever hack and she became a viral sensation.

A person who works in a high-street shop said: “I work for Boots & always tell people to do this.”

You should always check the service at the airport, as not all UK airports may offer a Boots after security.

New research has found that Duty Free shoppers could be paying hundreds more for their shopping then if they did it outside of the airport.

Here are some other clever ways to get around the 100ml liquid rules.

The clever trick can save you money as well


This clever trick will save you money.Credit: Getty


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