Woman Sets Up Her Own Camera to Catch Stalker, Finds Camera Under Her Office Desk

A woman claimed that she found a camera hidden under her desk one day after she had accidentally touched the wires. It wasn’t her only find. She devised a plan to capture the person who installed the cameras.

It is unacceptable to invade someone’s privacy, especially when it happens in professional settings. Many workplaces stress the importance of adhering to ethical and moral standards, and maintaining a sound code, which includes respecting your coworkers’ privacy.

Sometimes, people may take company policies for granted and cause trouble for others. These acts are extremely unacceptable and should be reported immediately to ensure that the appropriate parties take corrective action. Today’s story is about a woman who had an unpleasant experience at work.

Vanessa Lee. | Source: tiktok.com/@texicana208


Vanessa Lee posted a thread on TikTok’s video-sharing platform in June 2022 that highlighted an unpleasant incident in her office.

She claimed that she was working in her office when she accidentally tripped on the wires underneath her desk. This led to a bizarre discovery. Lee was stunned when she saw a flashing blue light. She claimed that she had found a hidden camera under her desk. She recalled:

“I found a camera someone was hiding under my desk at work. I had pulled on it to see what it was, so I have no idea what direction it was pointing when it was set up.”

Vanessa Lee claims she found a hidden camera beneath her office desk. | Source: tiktok.com/@texicana208


Lee felt uneasy after she got the first camera to her desk. That was when it all began.She was also said to have made a second unsettling discovery. She explained:

“I went around the rest of the office after I looked up the website looking for anything that looked like gadgets they sold and found this in the bathroom. Only a select few employees had access to the bathroom.”

Vanessa Lee claimed she found a coat hook camera inside the office bathroom. | Source: tiktok.com/@texicana208

Lee shared another video where she was seen opening the toilet door. A man then pulled the coat hook off, turned it upside down, and showed where the camera was. The woman claimed that she was the The camera was disguised to be a coat hook.


The TikToker was then SearchedYou can find out more about a “clothes hook hidden camera”It was available on Amazon. Lee was shocked to discover that it looked exactly like the camera she found in the bathroom. Lee was unable to take the second camera anymore after she found it. It was planned to find the stalker.

The TikToker stated that she found hidden cameras in June 2021. She was not happy with the way that the police investigated the matter.

Her husband was also informed and the couple installed a baby monitor at Lee’s office. The woman observed that she had not plugged the camera from under her desk. We hoped the man who installed it would turn upTo find out why it didn’t work,


Lee explained that her plan worked. She received a notification at 6 a.m. from her office’s baby cam, which had sensed motion, the following morning. Surprisingly, the baby cam in her office received a notification. A man she kept his face secret in her videoHe showed up to inspect the camera he had placed under her desk.

A clip showing the toilet another hidden camera was pointed at in the office | Source: tiktok.com/@texicana208


Lee claimed that the baby camera helped her identify her stalker. Lee stated that he was walking towards her corner and that he was leaning down. PluggedIn another wall outlet, you can find it.

A follow-up video will be available. Lee claimed that the man had placed another camera on Lee’s wall.When she got into her office on the next day, the camera was there NotificationHe was alerted to her presence and arrived at her door a few seconds later.

Vanessa Lee captured the moment that the alleged stalker entered her office to inspect the camera. | Source: tiktok.com/@texicana208


Lee claimed that she called the police immediately and found the package in the office of the man in which he had received the cameras. She claimed that He was among the men who worked at the maintenance department. at her company, but she suspected him.

She revealed to him that the camera she had seen in her office was the same as the one he showed her several months ago after he had installed it in his office. said, “someone was stealing his snacks.”Lee recounted the entire event in detail in another video for her viewers.


She said that she was a Human Resources Department employee at her company and had known the maintenance worker. He spent a lot time in her office.He came across as friendly.

Lee stated that she did not. BlameShe thanked her organization for their support and understanding during the incident. She stated that the entire workplace was scanned but that no hidden cameras were discovered. She added that the tThe police issued a warrant for trespassingHe was not arrested, according to the man.

Vanessa Lee showed Vanessa Lee the wall outlet, where she claimed that the man installed her camera. | Source: tiktok.com/@texicana208


The woman also stated that she fired the responsible person after consulting her director, as well as other heads of the company. Lee also shared a video of the criminal trespassing warrant in a separate video and stated She quit her job at the company. The overlay text Read:

“It is done for now. In the hands of the law now. And I start a new job on Monday.”

That was shared by the TikToker In June 2021, she discovered hidden cameras.She was not happy with the way the police handled the matter. She explained that she wanted to record her TikTok experience to spread awareness about the issue.

Vanessa Lee shared this picture of the warrant for trespassing. | Source: tiktok.com/@texicana208

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