Woman reveals how she can get free flights, food, and 5-star hotels for her travels

A trip abroad can prove costly, especially if it is a luxury vacation.

A woman revealed her secret to saving a fortune by traveling with free food, flight, and five-star hotel accommodations.


Jen, a Tiktok user revealed how she can get free flights, food, and five-star hotel stays when she travelsCredit: Getty

Jen, a Tiktok user, goes by @smartypantsfinanceShe shared a video in which she explained that she is a mystery shopper at airports, airlines and hotels. This allows her to travel the world for a fraction more.

You can make your holiday memorable by becoming a mystery shopper at an airport.

Jen stated, “There are mystery shops in stores and mystery shops in restaurants at airports.

“So instead of buying a meal before you get on your long flight, find a mystery shopping assignment to cover the cost of the meal or do a little shopping at the convenience store for snacks for your flight, all courtesy of mystery shopping.”

Jen suggests that you become a mystery shopper at an airline. This will allow you to make significant savings on your holiday and get your flights paid for.

Jen said: “Mystery shop on airlines so instead of just paying for your airfare out of pocket, get a mystery shopping assignment that covers all or part of your airfare in exchange for submitting a report about some aspect of the flight.”

After landing, you don’t want to spend a fortune on a 5-star hotel. Jen suggested that you do a mystery shopping assignment in order to secure the room. You might also get other perks.

Jen said: “As a mystery shopper you evaluate a hotel and you submit a report in exchange for the entire cost of the hotel stay including the room, the taxes, the food and the spa visit.”

Jen’s last tip was to be a mystery shopper in your destination for free food and souvenirs.

Jen said: “Mystery shop at your destination. On mystery shopping assignments, I’ve eaten at five star restaurants in Maui (Maui, Istanbul, Turkey and London), as well as in Paris.

“I’ve also done shopping assignments at my destination so I can make a little money while I was on my vacation and come back with some free things.”

Jen encouraged viewers to visit her site after the video was viewed over 1,000 times. smartypantsfinance.comFind out more about being a mystery-shopper.

A mystery shopper shared tips for how to get a free upgrade.

Dan Shapiro advised that you act like a mystery shopper, even if it’s not. Staff are more likely to upgrade you to get a positive review.

Experts in travel have shared their tips for obtaining free upgrades.

Betsy Fata and Devon advised customers to try new hotels. They may offer upgrades for free if they get positive feedback.

A flight attendant explained why you are more likely to be upgraded to first class if you sit at the back of a plane.

She works as a mystery shopper for airports, airlines, hotels and shops which gives her the opportunity to travel the world for a fraction of the price


As a mystery shopper, she travels the world as a mystery shopper to airports, airlines, hotels, and shops.Credit: Getty


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