Woman leaves boyfriend after her mum refuses to pay first-class airfare

A WOMAN claimed that she dumped her boyfriend because her mother refused to pay for her first-class flight. But people are on her side.

The woman explained that she was traveling to Cabo for spring break along with her boyfriend and his siblings, as well their partners.


At the airline check in counter, passengers get their boarding passesCredit: Getty

However, she claimed her boyfriend’s parents paid 7 first-class tickets, including their plus one, but left her in economy.

She posted on Reddit: “Becky, his mom, hasn’t seemed to like me for some reason she always makes snide remarks about my parents blue collar jobs and my field is nursing.”

“We got to the airport, Becky had 7 first class tickets for other people and I had 1 coach ticket.

“She told me I was used to it and she had a free coach ticket so I should be grateful for going.”

She also said that she was left in the queue for too long and that she had to pay baggage charges when she reached the check in counter. That’s where she started to cry.

She continued: “My boyfriend at the time never once helped me through the coach line or said anything to his mom. I looked over at his mom’s smug face as I was about to pay the checked baggage fee.”

She said that she should not go to check-in, and ended up breaking up at the airport with her boyfriend.

Reddit poster asked her if it was wrong, but she found that almost everyone was in her favor.

One person said: “The fact she got seven (7)!!! other people first class tickets and yet magically the budget ran out when it came to you tells you everything you need to know.”

Another person wrote: “Your boyfriend’s entire family is absolute trash. Pure toxic garbage.”

An additional person commented: “Breaking up with him was the best thing you could have done for the peace and happiness of your future self.”

Many people also praised the lady who checked in the bags, calling her the “check-in lady”. “real MVP”.

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Many people agreed that she was correct not to take a holiday.Credit: Getty


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