Woman Helps to Deliver Neighbor’s Baby, Discovers Her Husband Is the Father — Story of the Day

Married woman rescues her neighbor and helps her deliver her child. However, she discovers that her husband is the father of her child.

Erica Vernon had been a friend of Sarah Harper’s for six years. The Vernons moved in next to Sarah and Kieran the week before — both were newlyweds, and had fallen into an easy friendship.

Sarah soon realized that the Vernons were in serious trouble after a few years. Lester Vernon was jealous and suspicious, making his wife’s life miserable. Sarah felt sorry for Erica, who was just as loyal to her husband Kieran as she was to Sarah.

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As the years passed, it became more difficult to live with. The shouting matches from next door became louder and more violent, and both of them stopped going out with each other.

Sarah would often notice Erica crying and looking unhappy. Lester was always polite and pleasant to Sarah, but he never gave Sarah the chance to express her feelings.

Sarah met Lester at the grocery and decided to grab the bull by its horns. “Lester,”She said this carefully “I know it’s none of my business but I hate to see you two so unhappy. Have you thought about couple’s counseling? Erica loves you so much…”

After looking at her for a while, Lester said, “Listen, Sarah, if I were you I wouldn’t defend Erica. You think she’s your friend, but she isn’t.”Lester then turned his back on Lester and walked off.

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Lester, Erica’s boyfriend, walked out on Sarah three weeks later. Sarah was horrified when she discovered that Lester was actually three months pregnant. “But Erica, did you tell him?” Sarah asked.

Truth always surprises us in unexpected ways.

Erica could not stop crying. “I did, Sarah, but he said it wasn’t his, that I’d been cheating! I can’t have this baby on my own, I cant!”

Sarah raised her head firmly. “You won’t be! I promise you, Kieran, and I will be with you every step of the way!” Erica threw her arms around Sarah, sobbing with gratitude.

Sarah shared with Kieran the news that evening. “I told poor Erica that we’d be with her, help her through her pregnancy.”

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Kieran was not the least bit happy. “Honestly Sarah, I wish you wouldn’t be so impulsive! It’s a huge responsibility, and I don’t even know that woman that well!” 

“We’ve been living next door to her for six years, Kieran!” Sarah exclaimed. “She’s my best friend and I thought you liked her!”

“Not really,” Kieran said. “She’s OK, I guess, but she’s always been more your friend than mine.”

“Oh honey,”Sarah said this tenderly, wrapping both her arms around her husband’s neck to kiss him. “Please be nice to the poor girl, she has no one!”Cunningly Sarah nibbled at her husband’s neck in a delicate area he called his ‘lucky bump.’

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“You minx,” Kieran growled. “You always know how to convince me!”

Sarah giggled and gave her ‘lucky bump a lick. “Your mom told me it’s the Harper men’s only weakness and I’d better take full advantage!”The evening was filled with love and Kieran offered to help Erica whenever they could.

Sarah was Erica’s companion to her doctor’s visits and scans. She also accompanied her to the Lamaze classes and nutritionist. And even to natural childbirth, which promised mom and helpers would be ready to welcome the baby into this world without any medical assistance.

“Not that I intend to have this baby anywhere but a hospital with lots of painkillers!” Erica said. “But it’s good to be prepared!”

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It was a good thing that Erica called Sarah to gasp one afternoon. “Sarah, I think it’s time!”She wept. Sarah ran to her friend immediately, only to be shocked when she was in a pool.

“Your water has broken!” Sarah cried. “I’m calling the hospital.”

Erica was informed by the hospital that the ambulance would take at least 30 minutes to arrive. Sarah made Erica feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

Erica was having more and more contractions. She looked up and saw that Erica’s head was crowning. “Erica,”She cried. “the baby’s coming!”

“He can’t!”Erica screamed and clutched her stomach. “It’s supposed to take hours!”

Sarah was present for all of the doctor’s appointments. Source : Pexels| Source: Pexels

“Well,” Sarah said. “Ready or not, he’s on his way!”She ran to find hot water, a blanket warm, scissors and some cord. Sarah encouraged Sarah to push while she was kneeling at Erica’s spread knees.

Sarah watched in awe as Erica’s baby emerged from her strenuous body. She tenderly caught it and laid it on the soft blanket while she tied off and cut the umbilical cord — just like they had taught her at the natural childbirth class.

Sarah then picked up the baby. “It’s a boy!”Erica collapsed and she let out a scream. “A beautiful, perfect baby boy!”Sarah began to gently wipe the baby’s skin, and soon realized that the baby was not perfect.

A small bump on the side of his neck was familiar. A ‘lucky bump.’ Sarah looked down at the innocent baby in her hands and suddenly understood.

Sarah saw the baby’s neck while cleaning him. Source: Unsplash| Source: Unsplash

“Lester…”She whispered. “Lester was right, wasn’t he, Erica? You were having an affair and it was with my husband.” 

Erica gasped and tried her best to sit up. “Oh no, Sarah, never…”

“Don’t lie to me, I have the proof right here!”Sarah claimed that raising the baby was her responsibility.

“Don’t hurt him!”Erica was screaming. “Yes, he’s Kieran’s. We’ve been lovers for six years, I’ll tell you anything you want, but don’t hurt my baby!”

“You were having an affair and it was with my husband.” Source: Pexels| Source: Pexels

“I would never hurt your baby, Erica,”Sarah laughed. “I’m not like you. I don’t destroy other people’s happiness.”Erica carried the baby into Sarah’s arms. Sarah then left Erica to wait for an ambulance.

Kieran arrived home at night to find the house empty and quiet. Sarah was unable to speak and filed for divorce. Sarah was unable to trust him again for many years, but she met a great man and was able to remarry.

She is a happy woman and she and the man she married are now expecting their second child.

What can we take away from this story?

  • Sometimes, those we trust the most are also the ones who betray. Sarah didn’t know her best friend and husband would betray her.
  • Truth always surprises us in unexpected ways. Erica and Kieran never dreamed that their baby would inherit a defect that would lead to cheating.

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