Woman Gives Homeless Man a Blanket, in Return He Gives Her a Stack of Papers Close to His Heart – Story of the Day

A kind woman offers a blanket to homeless men to keep them warm. He then gives her a bundle full of papers. This event would change the man’s life for ever, he doesn’t know.

Sandra left the bookstore clutching her favorite author’s latest book. She had been a Harvard student in creative writing and was currently working as an editor in a small New York-based agency. Sandra had big dreams. She wanted to start her own agency, even though she hadn’t been in the publishing and writing industry for more that three years.

Sandra was thrilled to begin reading her new book when she walked out of the bookstore that day. New York’s weather was perfect for lazy reading, with snow falling and a cool breeze blowing across the city. Sandra was eager to get home and enjoy a cup of coffee before diving into the book. Source: Pexels

Sandra loved reading books. | Source: Pexels

As she crossed the first street after the book store, Sandra was all happy and cheerful – until she saw something that made her feel awful. A homeless man was seen at the corner, shivering in the freezing cold.

Sandra saw that the man was in a cold environment and knew that he could easily become sick from the cold. He was in desperate need of help so she reached out to him.

“Excuse me, sir,”She said. “Are you gonna stay here for a while? My home is nearby. I can get you a blanket and some tea to keep you warm.”

Sandra said this to the man, and he looked up. Tears welled in his eyes. “Thank you, miss. Please, that would be very kind of you. So many people went by, but no one volunteered to assist me…”

“That’s alright, sir. I’ll be right back. Please stay here, okay?”She asked and the man replied.

The cold was making the homeless man shiver. Source: Pexels | Source: Pexels

Sandra was close enough to her home, so she walked fast and returned with a blanket and some tea in the thermos flask. He couldn’t stop thanking her when she gave them to him.

“You are an angel!”He cried. “How will I ever pay you back?”

“You don’t need to, sir,”She replied smiling. “Just take care of yourself. I’m Sandra, by the way.”

“It’s irrelevant now, Sandra. I lost people I loved…What is the point of it all now?”

“I’m Roger,”He took a cup of the tea she had made and said so. “You have a generous heart, Sandra. Do you enjoy reading? I spotted you carrying a book when you came to me earlier.”

“Oh! You have a good eye, Roger,”She laughed. “Yes, I love reading. In fact, I’m always looking for new authors and themes to read, and I’m currently obsessed with Shari Lapena! She’s amazing!”

“I see,”Roger gave a slight nod. “In that case, can I tell you something?”

Roger felt great relief from the cold thanks to Sandra’s tea.Source: Pexels | Source: Pexels

“Go ahead! I’m all ears!”

“I know you might not believe me, but I used to be a writer too,”He said. “It’s just that things don’t always work out… A tragic accident took away my writing ability. I lost my family in a horrible accident, was unable to cope, and eventually gave up on life … You see, I’m only counting my days now….”

“Oh, God!” Sandra gasped. “I am so sorry. I had no clue!”

“It’s okay. It wasn’t anyone’s fault. God had it planned this way for me … But there’s something I’d like to give you….”

Roger took out a stack of papers and handed it to Sandra. “This is something very close to my heart,”He offered it to her, and he said the following: “I wrote it with all my heart…I can’t pay you back for the blanket and tea, but consider this a token of gratitude. I’d appreciate it if you read it.”

Roger gave Sandra a stack paper. Source: Pexels | Source: Pexels

“Sure, Roger. Why not? As I said, I love exploring new writers!”She accepted it and hoped it would bring him joy.

“Thank you very much,”He replied calmly.

Sandra decided to read her favorite author after she returned home. But, Sandra suddenly changed her mind. Roger had given her papers so Sandra decided to give them a try. She made coffee, and she sat down with her blanket reading sheet after sheet.

Sandra was distraught half way through her reading. Roger’s story was in those sheets. It was his! She couldn’t believe his tragic and unhappy life!

Roger did not come from wealth, and he aspired for success as a writer. Roger’s parents were not supportive of his passion so he took up odd jobs to pay the bills. His parents died in an auto accident when he received an offer from a major publisher.

Sandra wept when Roger’s story was told. Source: Pexels | Source: Pexels

Roger was close to his family and hoped that they would be proud of him. He was never able to have that chance. Unable to cope with their death, he gave up on everything, even what he loved the most — writing.

Sandra’s tears never stopped falling after she finished Roger’s story. She knew that this story was needed by the whole world. Roger’s efforts were not to be wasted, she was determined to keep them going. He was talented and deserved to have a happy, fulfilling life. She sat down at her computer at work the next day and began editing his draft.

She made a manuscript from it in a matter of weeks and presented it to her. “I’m sure this will work wonders!”She said it to her. “We NEED to publish his book … I went through it several times myself, and I believe giving it a shot will be worth it. It has the potential to bring excellent results to our agency.”

Sandra was thrilled when the agency published it after a team meeting. She ran to Roger’s place of work after work and was able to find him there.

Sandra’s hard work paid off, and Roger’s book was accepted to be published. Source: Pexels | Source: Pexels

He didn’t seem happy when she said he would be published. “It’s irrelevant now, Sandra. I lost people I loved…What’s the point of it all now?”

Sandra looked at him and said: “You will do it for yourself, Roger! You are talented, and you deserve every bit of appreciation! If nothing, do it for me once…Please, come with me!”

Roger was still anxious, but Sandra persistently persisted and he eventually relented. It was a fast success, and the book was published. Sandra helped many young people become inspired by Roger’s story and encouraged them to chase their dreams.

Roger was no longer homeless, and he became well-known. Sandra visited Roger after his book signing to pick him up.

“Thank you so much, Sandra,”Roger spoke to him while he was settling into the car. “If it weren’t for you, I would’ve never realized the worth of my talent.”

Roger is a highly successful writer today. Source: Pexels | Source: Pexels

“It’s only the beginning, Roger!”She responded. “You have a great future ahead of you…”

Roger and Sandra became friends. Sandra has yet to achieve her dream but is happy that she was able to help Roger.

What can we learn from this tale?

  • It’s amazing to do good; let’s try it more often.Sandra could have ignored Roger as others would, but she didn’t. He was not only warm and cozy, but Sandra also helped him to heal from the loss and view life positively.
  • You are worthy of being loved and respected.Roger did not value himself and gave everything to a family that didn’t recognize his worth. It was wrong of Roger to do that. He deserved to feel happy and Sandra helped him get there.

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