Woman Discovers Hidden Door in her Home and Finds Long-Lost Letters Behind It

A woman discovered something very unusual while spring cleaning her home. Interestingly, she discovered a secret door that she thought might lead to a treasure trove, but instead, it held something far more valuable. 

Many people enjoy the idea of taking on new challenges, and embarking upon exciting adventures. You might be familiar with the childhood classic novel “Treasure Island,”Jim, a young boy who found a treasuremap and searched for hidden treasure, was successful in his search.

Despite the odds, Jim persevered, and the one thing that kept him going was his determination and adventure-loving spirit to accomplish his goal. There might be a Jim hidden deep within us.This was the case for a Virginia resident. Source: YouTube.com/WTVR CBS6

Anna Prillaman. | Source: youtube.com/WTVR CBS 6


Anna Prillaman lived on Monument Avenue in Henrico County, Virginia. She defined happiness as being at home in her Near West End home with Alfie, her adorable dog. Prillaman treasured her sweet home.She expressed: 

“It is like my passion project. When I first saw it I fell in love with it. I care about the house similar to the people I love. I love this place.” 

Even though she was fond of the place, she didn’t know that it hid a vast mystery within — one that would change Prillaman’s life most unexpectedly. 

Anna lives on Monument Avenue in Henrico. Source: Youtube.com/WTVR CBS 6. | Source: youtube.com/WTVR CBS 6


One day in January 2022, the woman decided to spring clean the house, hoping to see a sparkling clean place as the final product. During the first cleaning round A hidden panel led her to an area of the attic. 

Sarah chipped through the wall and revealed that she was certain there was a room. However, she decided to wait until her husband was done with work before returning.

Prillaman saw that it had no key and was just locked at the top. Prillaman decided to walk through the door just out of curiosity. She discovered a fortune, most likely left behind from her previous owner. 


Calling yourself “an 80s baby who watched Goonies,” Prillaman claimed that she searched through the attic looking for treasure, maps, gold coins or money. Instead, Prillaman found two boxes containing gems from an earlier era. 

It turned out, the boxes were filled with hundreds of hand-written letters addressed to a young lady Betty Sue was born in Richmond. It was a throwback to ancient communication methods. Prillaman explained: 

“There are no SMHs or OMGs or LOLs. It’s full sentences. Grammatically correct sentences. Isn’t that funny how that works.”


Vance, a young male, wrote the letters.Prillaman stated that she couldn’t resist reading them. The conversation was recorded. Betty was Betty’s lover.Who he met at John Marshall High School. One of the letters read:

“Hi Honey. How is my Baby getting along? When we’re not together I know just the right words that I would use in telling you everything. But when we’re together all I can think of is ‘I love you.’ Vance.”

Prillaman, who reportedly found the love letters seventy year later, said that she felt like invading Betty or Vance’s space. She also added: 

“I think the reason it felt intrusive is that a letter written is between two people and two people only. I thought I’m not sure I need to be the third party that puts my head and my eyes on that because it wasn’t meant for me to read.”

The Virginia woman confessed that she couldn’t ignore her letters or toss them aside because she was so shocked at what she found. She felt they had to be in the right place.Prillaman had to find a way for the dogs to be returned to their owners.


After much thought she turned to the modern-day way of interaction — social media.Amazingly, her response was overwhelming. She described: 

“People love the story. Everywhere I go in town people are stopping me like, ‘Hey you wrote that post about the letters have you found the family yet?'”

Several days later, Prillaman said She had a lead, and she contacted Dalton Long. who lived in Portland, Oregon, 3,000 miles away. Long shared with her his knowledge of Betty and Vance. He also revealed that they were married and had written to each other. 

Dalton Long. Source: youtube.com/WTVR CBS 6 | Source: youtube.com/WTVR CBS 6


Per LongThe couple’s 50-year marriage was a lasting one. He also presented himself as their grandson. He also introduced himself as their grandson. recalled: 

“To me they were ‘B’ and Pop. But to the rest of the world they were Betty McGhee Long and Vance Herschel Long. To add words to that time in their life is going to be incredible.”

According to the 30-year-old videographer, he was thrilled to learn about the love letters. He would keep them safe like his grandparents’ precious memories and few keepsakes. 


Long’s sentiments were echoed by Prillaman, who said that if she ever received letters from her grandparents, she would cry her eyes out while she read them. She hoped Long’s loved ones would feel the same after reading the love letters.

The woman admitted that she had found the romantic correspondence. It brought back memories of when hand-written letters were considered art. and happened to be the only means of communication. 

Dalton also expressed deep appreciation to Prillaman because he found the letters and went the extra mile for him. He said that he could not wait to read them all. 


Prillaman is a Brighton couple who discovered something unexpected while painting their house in 2021. Sarah and her husband, Toby King, said They came across a faint outline of a doorway.And it was the beginning of something greater. AccordingSarah 

“We were prepping and sanding the walls of the dining room, ready to paint. We took off some lining paper and sanded, which revealed a very faint outline of a doorway. Once we had seen the outline, we couldn’t not know.”

Toby was a technical support engineer. Sarah decided that she would dig deeper to unravel the mystery. She said she started chipping away at the surface to find out more and shared the photos with her husband.


According to the 32-year-old woman, when she found the lintel, it wasn’t resting on the breezeblocks that were blocking the door. According to the interior designer, she kept her family and friends informed and cheered her on as she worked. 

After removing the wall, Sarah said she was certain there was a room behind the idea But she decided to wait for her husband to finish work before she returned. The couple shared the last discovery together when Toby returned. Sarah added:

“It [the room] was a tiny room with just a pull-out shelf/desk, some knee pads and a car battery. It had electricity to it and believe it or not, hardly any cobwebs and thankfully no spiders.”


The Kings discovered the room and decided that they would turn it into a bar. They hoped that it would be a great place to have a drink. the new setting would serve as a special place for hosting guests. 

They completed the project themselves for only £45 ( about $55) by mainly using materials they already had. The Kings also transformed their dining room and breakfast bar to make the space more comfortable and spacious. Sarah was also involved. expressed:

“We love it! We are so pleased with it and we love the story behind it of uncovering the space.”

Prillaman and the Brighton-based couple’s incredible stories are proof that sometimes, A little wandering can lead you to amazing places that hold intriguing secrets. and holding endless adventures waiting to be unraveled. 

If you’ve ever had a similar experience before or liked reading these exciting stories, please share them with your loved ones. 


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