Woman Dies in Kentucky Flood after Going to Check on an Older Friend

One woman’s compassion and kindness was unbound. She put others above herself. She didn’t worry about her safety when checking on her elderly neighbor—it cost her everything.

Would you put your life on the line for someone else? Although many would be willing to give up their safety and security for their loved ones, very few would forgo their comfort and safety for someone they do not know.

This story about a selfless woman will help you care for others in a world of negativity. Grab your tissues and get ready to read about her incredible, heartbreaking act of courage.


Eva Nicole would win the award for best neighbor if it were given. “Nikki”Slone from Kentucky. The 50-year old woman did not live her life blindly. Instead, she was a change-maker by spreading kindness and caring wherever she went.

Slone’s beautiful heart is evident to her friends, family, as well as those she didn’t know. She was there for many when it got hard and she has been a rock in many peoples’ lives.


Slone loved her family. She had three kids and a few grandchildren. Her family described Slone as a woman who enjoyed laughing and sometimes tried her luck at bingo and slot machines.

In July 2022, however, her everyday life was turned upside-down. Pippa Passes in Knott County was looking grim. She knew she could be in trouble as it continued to rain.


Many people would have packed their stuff and taken off to drive to safety. Slone was different. Her first instinct wasn’t thinking about herself—she was always focused on the people around her.

Slone was worried about her elderly neighbor, and as floods swept across their region, Slone did something brave—her actions proved that she was undeniably dependable and selfless. Misty Franklin, her daughter, was also there. Share:

“My mom was a very caring woman. She loved her family more than anything and had the biggest heart.”


Slone would not have been blamed if she thought only of herself. However, her daughter revealedWhat happened that fateful day?

“She went out that night to check on an elderly lady to make sure she was okay because that lady really didn’t have any family. My mom would always check up on her and bring her food.”

Slone, to everyone’s surprise and delight, stopped responding to messages. Family members quickly realized that something was wrong. They were well aware of the dangers of flooding and they feared the worst.


Slone was finally found by authorities near her home. She tried to check on her friend but was tragically killed. Franklin :

“I honestly think she got out of the car to try to make it home, but she had Addison’s Disease, and when she gets stressed, her body tries to shut down and throws her into seizures.”

“I think when she got out of the car, she was probably trying to fight back a seizure [but] the current was too much,”The daughter Additional. Franklin was shocked, but she was also extremely proud of her mother, who set an example.


Slone was loved and grieved in messages of love, sympathy, and admiration. Family members and friends remembered Slone’s kindness and love and expressed their sadness at her loss.

“She’s sure gonna be missed like crazy. She was one hell of a person. She and her family has always been a part of my family for as long as I can remember.”

– (Donovan Melton) August 1, 2022

“I loved my mother-in-law to no ends. I don’t know what I will do without her. She was always one phone call away. She never failed to show up when I needed her the most.”

– (Christin Gibson) July 30, 2022

“She was one of the best people. I was blessed to call her my cousin. So sad.”

– (Zach Isaac) July 31, 2022


It is not easy to lose a loved one. Healing can take time. Slone’s passing touched many people and inspired them to be more grateful for the support of their family and friends.

Slone’s loved ones will always treasure their memories together, and will remember Slone as a great hero. Franklin :

“If you had her as a friend, you had someone who would always be in your corner when times got tough.”

In the wake of Slone’s tragic death, our thoughts and prayers are with Slone’s loved ones.

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