Woman Appears at Her Own Funeral, Husband Is Terrified — Story of the Day

A man grieving for his lost wife was caught off guard when he saw her come to pay her respects at her own funeral — he followed the trail she left, and it led him to a very startling truth. 

Matthew Cooper tried. Matthew Cooper tried to stop the tears from coming, but they did. 

Prudence had just died in a car accident and he had to bury her two days later. Gunther and Prudence were devastated. They had been deeply in love with each other. 

A man lost his wife and saw his daughter at her funeral. Photo by Getty Images Matthew knew that he had to stand strong for his son. However, as he stood in front his freshly dug grave, his tears started rolling down his cheeks and soon he was crying with his son. | Photo: Getty Images

Matthew knew he had to be strong for his kid, but as he stood before his wife’s freshly dug grave, the tears rolled down his cheek, and very soon, he was sobbing along with his son without a care in the world. 

Many tried to comfort him but none of them worked. Eventually, Gunther and Matthew were alone in their grief. Matthew remained in the cemetery long after his son, aged 15, returned to their home.

He remained at the cemetery until sunset that evening. But just as he was about ready to go, he saw a black-clad woman walking towards his grave. 

Matthew, who was walking in the opposite direction, deliberately slowed down his pace to watch her. 

He was astonished at how graceful and tall the woman was, and how slim she looked like his wife. She was actually very similar to Matthew, but he simply chalked it down to his grief and playing pranks. 

Matthew was grieving at his wife’s grave when a mysterious lady appeared. Photo: Getty images He still kept an eye out for her. | Photo: Getty Images

Still, he kept an eye on her. She reached the grave and the woman, whose face was obscured by the large hat that she wore, fell on her knees in grief. 

“If she loved her that much why didn’t she just come for the funeral,” Matthew thought to him. 

Matthew thought to himself. 

Matthew’s heart skip a few beats when he saw the sight of his wife. The man had no idea how to act, so he just stood there, frozen like a gargoyle until the woman left a few minutes later. 

Matthew realized that he had to confirm the hallucination, or at least confirm it when she left the cemetery. 

He raced to the carpark, but only in enough time to see the woman getting into a white Mazda before speeding off. Somehow, he was compelled to walk to her car and find a receipt from a shop more than 80 miles away from the cemetery. 

Matthew was able to get his hands on the receipt before the woman, who looked just like his wife, walked away from the cemetery. Photo: Getty Images Matthew decided to follow the trail, so he got in his car and drove over to the small town where the store was located. | Photo: Getty Images

Matthew decided to follow the trail, so he got in his car and drove over to the small town where the store was located. He found the store in a small, picturesque town in Wyoming. 

He entered the store and showed the cashier a photo of Prudence. 

“Have you seen this woman?” He asked. 

“That’s Purity,” The cashier was kind enough to answer. “She just moved here several days ago. Why do you ask? Is she in any trouble?” 

“No, she’s not. I’d just really like to have a word with her. Do you know where she currently stays?” 

“Of course, this is a small town and everyone knows each other. Purity rented out an Airbnb. If you ask any cab driver, they’ll get you there. The name’s Hilly’s.” 

“Thank you, ma’am, I appreciate your kindness,” Matthew answered, and then he went. 

Matthew followed the trail of the receipt he had found. Photo by Getty Images Matthew went to the address and knocked at the door of the mystery woman. | Photo: Getty Images

He went to the location and knocked on the mystery woman’s door.  At first, no one answered, but Matthew saw the curtains in the window move as though someone had peeked through it. 

He knocked once more and after a while his wife walked out of the house, falling onto his arms. “I’m so sorry,” She cried. 

Matthew couldn’t believe that it was his wife. But, there she was, still alive and well. At first, he felt joy, but then he realized she had faked her death and the joy became bitter. 

“How could you do this to me… to us?” He asked her angrily after he managed to get her to stop hugging his face. 

“Oh honey, I went about all this wrongly,” She said. 

“What do you mean?” He was still fuming. “Come clean now.” 

Matthew was surprised to see his wife at the door. | Photo: Pexels

“It all started some months ago when I ran into a woman who looked exactly like me. Even down to the crown-like birthmark I have on my abdomen.” 

“How is that possible?” Matthew asked. 

“I think you should come in, it’s quite a long story,” She told him. 

Matthew and she spent hours talking, and Matthew came to an understanding of why she did the things she did. 

“We struck it off immediately and met up a couple of more times to talk about the possibility of us being twins. It was during those meetings that she revealed how hard her life had been since she was abandoned in an orphanage.” 

“Why was she abandoned?” Matthew asked. 

Prudence began to tell Matthew her story. | Photo: Getty Images

“I think maybe because our mom could only raise one child at the time,” she replied. 

“That’s sad,” Matthew responded. 

“I thought so too which is why I tried to help by giving her things and sometimes money whenever we met.” 

“And where was I during this time?” 

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you, Matt. I guess I just wanted to be sure first.” 

“That’s a weak excuse but go on with your story.” 

“The threats started after I refused to give her more money than I usually did.” 

Matthew listened while Prudence explained to Matthew why she faked her own death. | Photo: Getty Images

“Yes, she wanted to live a luxurious life at my expense because she believed she would have ended up like me had she been given a better childhood. When I started to avoid her, the threats became more elaborate and soon, blackmail followed. 

“Nothing I did was enough for her; not the small house I wanted to buy her and not the money I gave her without condition. After a heated argument in the car, she threatened to kidnap her child.

“I got pissed and said terrible things which also got her mad and we ended up fighting which is how the accident happened. 

“We crashed into a ditch and I blacked out. But when I woke up, I saw she wasn’t as lucky.  I was afraid of going to jail, so I ran from the scene and anonymously called 911.

Matthew wondered why his wife didn’t tell him about the threats and blackmail. | Photo: Getty Images

“But it was not your fault Pru, you should have told me. I could have helped,” Matthew said sadly. 

“I’m sorry Matt, I made some terrible decisions and caused you and Gunther pain.” 

The couple returned to their home together, and after having a long family meeting, Matthew joined Prudence for a trip to the police station to turn herself in. 

At the trial, she was acquitted of any charges after they provided evidence that her sister had blackmailed her and threatened her family. 

Despite everything that happened, Prudence visited her sister’s grave regularly with flowers. 

“I hope you’re in a better place now, Purity,” she always whispered as she left. 

Prudence regularly took flowers to her sister’s grave. | Photo: Getty Images

What do we gain from this story?

  • Don’t be afraid to admit your mistakes. It is not an easy feat to pull off, but it is quite possible and important to do this if you wish to live a good life with a clear conscience. It took Prudence a while to learn this, and thankfully, it was not too late. 
  • Take responsibility. Prudence knew deep within herself that what she did was wrong, and she was also aware that the best way to find peace was to turn herself in and take responsibility for what happened. If she didn’t, the rest of her life would have been miserable because of guilt, shame, and regret. 

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