Wolf Like Me Release Date, Cast And Plot

It’s fair to say that “Wolf Like Me” is shaping up to be a slightly different kind of romantic comedy, to say the least. Though almost every rom-com gets into the baggage one or both people in the relationship carries, both Gary and Mary have their own unique issues that set them apart. Gary, for instance, is both a single father and a widower, and has to worry about supporting his daughter while also managing his relationship with Mary.

Meanwhile, Mary has some major secret — one that she can’t tell anyone. For now, this includes the audience. It’s unknown how Mary’s big secret is set to affect her relationship with Gary, or what the nature of her secret may be, but it’s presumed that it will shake up their romance, and it probably is the reason for the show’s mysterious title. Regardless of the two’s baggage, however, the show’s synopsis maintains that “the universe brought these two together for a reason.” So, whether they work out as an item or not, there does seem to be something to be learned from “Wolf Like Me.” What exactly that lesson is, however, will be revealed when “Wolf Like Me” releases in January.


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