With these RayBan smart glasses, you could soon have your TV on your head.

A pair of smart glasses recently released could make it possible to wear your TV on your head.

The TCL NXTWear Air glasses provide a wearable display that can be plugged into devices via a USB-C cable.


RayBan has given the TCL glasses a RayBan look
The previous design of the glasses was much more clunky


The original design of the glasses was more awkward.

These glasses are a more fashionable alternative to last year’s model, and were announced at the CES 2022 technology conference this week.

The NXTWear Air does not offer augmented reality, unlike other smart glasses.

They serve instead as an external monitor.

This means that you could theoretically connect them to your computer and view Netflix from your bed.

They look lighter than the original NXTWear original and are more RayBan Wayfarers-like than TV monitors.

Although the glasses are expected to be released in the US, no date has been established.

Pricing has not been disclosed.

There were a few versions of the original glasses in Japan, Korea, and Australia.

These were sold together with content subscriptions such as premium sports channels.

The NXTWear Air glasses have 1080p displays and aren’t said to be bad for your eyes.

This effect is described as being similar to viewing a 140-inch TV screen from your living room.

TCL has also plans to offer cross reality (XR), which could allow AR and VR on one device.

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