Windsor Hills crash victim, son, and fiancé were headed to pregnancy checkup

Asherey Ryan, her 11-month-old son Alonzo, and her fiancé, Reynold Lester were on their way to a pregnancy checkup when, in what seemed like a fraction of a second, they were gone.

“My worst fears came true,” Asherey’s sister, Cotie Davis, said at a gathering of grieving family members Friday. “I used to pray for my sisters all of the time. I had always seen (crashes) on TV. You never expect it to happen to you.”

Asherey was six-months pregnant. She also lost her unborn child, which she had planned to call Armani.

Asherey Ryan and Alonzo Lester. (Family photos)

“It’s hard to believe I’m never going to see them again. I can’t even imagine staring over her casket. This has definitely taken a huge chunk of me.”Davis said that she was struggling to control her emotions and told reporters.

Authorities believe Nicole Linton, 37-year-old traveling nurse from Texas, drove at least 80 MPH when she drove her Mercedes across traffic at intersection of La Brea avenue and Slauson avenue in Windsor Hills on Thursday afternoon.

In a ball of flames, several vehicles drove into a station to fill up.

Six people were killed while eight were injured.

California Highway Patrol took Linton into custody on Friday for vehicular manslaughter. However, she was still in hospital with unspecified injuries.

CHP informed KTLA Linton was cooperating with investigators.

Formal charges are expected next week – possibly as early as Monday.

“Why is she still alive?” asked one family member at Friday’s gathering. “Of all these lives that were lost, why is she still alive?”


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