Will Canadians Be Done With The Monarchy Once Prince Charles Takes Over?

Well, according to a new poll of Canadians as reported in Yahoo News, Canada’s interest in the royal family is mostly Queen Elizabeth-specific. The poll showed that 55% of people would prefer to stay a part of the British monarchy as long as Queen Elizabeth is still around. But when asked if they would support Canada staying in the monarchy if Prince Charles became King Charles, only 34% said yes. Womp, womp. 

For what it’s worth, there’s nothing particularly shocking about this news. Support for the monarchy has been under a lot of new scrutiny recently, particularly on this side of the Atlantic, where there is a lot of strong support for Meghan Markle. Contrast that with in the U.K., where the duchess is still regularly hammered by the press and “royal experts.” That said, the monarchy probably isn’t going anywhere when it comes to Merry Old England. But here in North America? We’ll just have to see. 


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