Wife of Sterile Man Gives Birth – Days after Laying Eyes on the Baby, Man Suspects Infidelity

After finding out that the man was unwed, the couple gave up on trying to have a baby. The woman discovered she was pregnant one day and considered it a miracle. But things turned around when the man carefully examined his daughter.

Even doctors agreed that it was a symptom of a bacterial infection. “miracle baby” after declaring her pregnant because they believed her fiancé was sterile. They were thrilled because they had long longed to have a baby.

But things changed days after their baby girl was born. He began to notice something strange when he closely examined his child.

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The 31-year-old man opened up about his intimate relationship with his fiancée on Reddit. He revealed that he was shocked when his fiancée thought she was pregnant because the doctors said he was sterile. 

After getting the fiancée’s bloodwork done, doctors confirmed the pregnancy. The couple was stunned because they had tried for years to have a baby, but nothing had ever worked. Original poster (OP). Recalled:

“We joked about how as soon as we stopped trying she ends up pregnant.”

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OP admitted that he was thrilled to be able to see his daughter and could not wait to bring her home. After spending some time with her, he realized something was different. 

He was struck by her straight, fine hair and wondered if she was his.

His dark skin tone was not reflected in his daughter’s complexion. “extremely pale,”He was very worried about it. He didn’t think too much about it and knew that her color would eventually darken. 

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The couple invited their friends to celebrate the birth of their daughter. The women gathered in the living room and congratulated OP’s fiancée while OP was outdoors with his guy friends. He Detailed explanationNext:

“They all mentioned that they didn’t want to worry me or to cause drama but asked if I ever thought my fiancé would cheat on me.”

OP was initially confused. But he eventually realized what they meant. He immediately shut down their suspicions and then changed the topic saying his daughter’s skin tone would darken with time. 

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OP was still concerned about the skin tone of his daughter five months after she was born. The realization that it wouldn’t darken in time made him worry a lot, along with other features that weren’t similar to his. He ShareHis concerns:

“The thing that’s been bothering me the most is that everyday she looks more and more Asian in the eyes.”

Every day, he was struck by her beautiful, straight hair and wondered if she belonged with him. However, he couldn’t muster the courage to share his concerns with his fiancée because he was afraid of offending her.

His daughter’s features always bothered him. Source: Unsplash | Source: Unsplash

He was confused, so he turned to the internet to find out his next steps. He didn’t want his fiancée to think he was accusing her of sleeping with someone else. EstuaryKingBI It is suggested:

“Get a DNA test and secretly do it yourself.”

The Redditor further advised OP to confront his fiancée if the test results were negative. Gloomloon supportedShe was open to the idea of a secret DNA test but also revealed that her child looked very different from her. 

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She ExtraordinaryMany people believe their children will always look the same as them. However, this is false. She advised OP to take the test to ensure his safety. Meanwhile, MatcoWife Additional:

“We carry DNA from many generations in us and you never know what is going to be passed on.”

Redditors shared many similar stories about children who didn’t look like their parents. However, they requested that OP take the test to ensure his satisfaction. 

Redditor another highlighted the fact that children do not always look like their parents.Source: Unsplash | Source: Unsplash

Are you convinced that OP’s spouse cheated on him.

OP was suspicious that his wife had cheated upon him because the appearance of his daughter wasn’t like his. He also believed something was wrong after his surprise pregnancy. But babies are not always like their parents so it could be that his wife was innocent. Is it possible that she cheated on him?

Would you be willing to do the DNA test, and then confront your wife if you were OP

Many people suggested that OP secretly conduct a DNA testing and then confront his wife if the results are negative. His wife may be offended that he conducted a DNA testing on their daughter. He may blame her for not trusting their daughter, and the situation could become worse for OP. Is this what you believe he should do?

This story is about a girl who claimed to be their daughter and showed up at a couple’s door. 

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