Widow with Five Children Feeds Poor Old Man and after a While Receives New Van as Gift – Story of the Day

Amanda lost her husband and had to work multiple jobs to survive. Despite her difficulties, she began to help an older man in her community who was struggling. A van parked on her doorstep one day surprised her.

Mark, Amanda’s spouse, died in a sudden cardiac attack several years ago. From being a housewife caring for five children, she had to take on several jobs to make ends meet. She also had to relocate to Pennsylvania to afford a smaller house and rent it.

It was not ideal, especially since her children shared so much. It was all she could do to help them. The eldest children were teenagers who understood her struggle and offered to look after the younger ones.

Amanda was always horrified by this. Although she didn’t wish her children to give up their youth for her family, she couldn’t do anything, especially since she had three jobs.

Amanda held three jobs: housekeeper, cashier at supermarkets, and attendant at gas stations. | Source: Pexels

She cleaned a house in an area of high income and then worked the rest of the day as a cashier at the supermarket. She had a part-time gig at s gas station’s convenience store at night. She felt like she was walking on jello at night and her legs were aching by the time she got home. Most of the kids had already fallen asleep by this point. She missed them, and wished they could spend more time together.

Amanda, her kids and Amanda were getting ready to go to school one day when all of them stopped in shock. “Mom! What’s that?” Mira asked. She saw her daughter’s mouth open and her finger was pointed at something.

Mira, the oldest daughter of Mira, indicated that she would save money to buy a car. Mira, her eldest daughter, said she would help save money for a car. The teenager, who was just 15 years old, couldn’t drive herself. But she worked at the local cinema to help.

Gia, Amanda’s second oldest, was responsible for taking care of the children after school. She was 13 years old and she cooked, bathed, helped them with their homework, and even did the laundry. Amanda hoped one day to be able repay all their sacrifices. But for now, Amanda was living their lives.


Amanda was walking to the grocery to begin her shift when an older man looked at the window of the bakery nearby. The air was filled with the scent of freshly baked bread, and the bakery window displayed the most delicious treats. The man just sighed, and began to walk away.

Amanda refused to let the older man go.Source: Pexels | Source: Pexels

Amanda felt terrible for no apparent reason and stopped him. “Hey, sir. I think I’ve seen you before at the store,”She was greeted.

“Yes, of course, young lady. You work at the register, right? It’s nice to see you,”The older man turned his head at her and began to walk off.

“Wait. Do you need anything? You’re not carrying any bags from the store, and I must admit that I caught you looking at the bakery,” Amanda said, smiling kindly.

“Well, young lady. Honestly, there was a leak in my roof this month, and I had to spend my entire month’s pension on it. I don’t have much money for treats or groceries. But the smell of Paco’s Bakery has always made me stop and stare. There’s nothing like oregano and parmesan bread to make my mouth water,”He said it and laughed. “But I don’t know when I’ll be able to buy some of that again. Every month, the prices go up and my money seems to spend itself in a flash.”

She gave him the famous loaf of bread he loved and told him it was her good deed.Source: Pexels | Source: Pexels

Amanda sighed at him and said to wait. She raced to Paco’s Bakery, where she bought a loaf of their famous parmesan and oregano bread. The entire neighborhood loved it. It was quite expensive compared to other options, but it was definitely worth it. She knew that buying it would hurt her finances, but the look on the older man’s face tugged at her heart.

“Here you go,”She smiled and gave him the bag after she left the bakery.

“I can’t accept this,”He tried to refuse, but Amanda insisted.

“Please, let me do something kind for someone today. We should all be kinder to one another,”He was able to continue his conversation and she gave him the bag. “I’m Amanda, by the way. You can find me at the store in the afternoons. In fact, my shift is about to begin. See you around!”

“Thank you! My name is Hector!”She waved at the older man and ran to the store, as she was running late from that encounter. She spent the rest the day smiling.

Amanda would visit Hector every day for the next few days and bring him food. At night, when she would the next day’s lunch for herself and the children, she would also make something for the older man. It was an extremely difficult task, but he accepted it. This made her believe that he really needed it.

The van was in her driveway and they didn’t know what it was. | Source: Pexels

They became close friends and he offered to watch her children if she needed it. This was a welcome offer as her oldest teens could really use the time off. Hector lived near her house and it was convenient.

Amanda, her kids and Amanda left the house one day to get ready for school. They all stopped in shock. “Mom! What’s that?” Mira asked. She saw her daughter’s mouth open, and her finger was pointed at something.

Her driveway was covered in a brand new van. “Oh, it must be a delivery person or something,” she said, urging her kids along as they had to go to the bus stop.

“No, Mom. It’s parked, and it looks new!”Gia interjected and the other children looked at her exuberantly.

“I don’t know why it’s there. Maybe a neighbor had nowhere else to park,” Amanda trailed. Amanda looked around and saw many vacant parking spaces. It was strange that someone would park right in front of their house. Hector suddenly appeared from behind the van.

“Surprise,”He spoke quietly.

“What?”In confusion, she asked.

Hector appeared behind the van and described what was going on.Source: Pexels | Source: Pexels

“This is yours!”He smiled again, and he said it. Children jumped up and down, touching the van everywhere. Amanda couldn’t believe what Amanda saw.

“Hector, how did you get the money for something like this?”He was a crazy man, she thought.

“Amanda, you have become my friend and welcomed me into your family with no questions. I can never repay that, but I had an old watch stashed away. It belonged to my grandfather who brought it over from Germany after the war. It was worth a pretty penny,” he said, gently patting her shoulder.

“I can’t take this. That money could really help you,”She declined, her expression strained in concern.

“Mira told me about the car she wanted to buy, and how doing deliveries and such could help your family more than your current many jobs. I had to repay you somehow,”Hector remained grin-tastic.

Mira finally smiled at them after they went back-and-forth about it for a while. “Mom, you might be able to quit one or two of your jobs and dedicate more time to this. You could spend more time at home now!”

She accepted the van as her children deserved to see their mom more often.Source: Pexels | Source: Pexels

Looking at her daughter’s hopeful face, Amanda realized how much they needed her around more often. Hector was hugged tightly by Amanda, and she thanked him for his kindness. 

Soon, Amanda was signing up with delivery apps and later, making decent money. Some of the kids went with her on several deliveries throughout the day, and she was always home for dinner. 

What can we learn from this tale?

  • A simple act of kindness can make a difference in someone’s life.Amanda decided to treat the older man in the bakery with a small treat. He became a part her life. Then he repaid her kindness with a huge gesture.
  • Everyone should be more understanding of one another.It is difficult times for nearly everyone. But, helping someone can make a difference.

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This account was inspired by the story of a reader and is written by a professional writer. Any resemblance to real names or actual locations is only coincidental. Illustrations are provided for illustration purposes only. We would love to hear your story. It might change someone’s mind. Send your story to [email protected] if you’d like to share it.


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