Why Trey Delgado From Blue Bloods Looks So Familiar

Esai Morales played one of his more notable 1990s roles in the Pauly Shore film “In The Army Now,” where he was cast as the antagonist-turned-supporter Sgt. Stern. Alongside fellow reservists Christine Jones (Lori Petty), Jack Kaufman (Andy Dick), and Fred Ostroff (David Alan Grier), Bones Conway (Shore) runs afoul of the Special Forces team led by Stern. From pranks escalating from petty to embarrassing, Bones and Stern are at each other’s throats before receiving a mission.

When a convoy carrying both Stern’s Special Forces team and Bones’ water purification team is hit, the “water boys” are forced to step up and save the day, rescuing Stern from a POW camp in Chad and taking the doped-up sergeant out on a dune buggy.

“You better call 9-1-1, get an ambulance, find a doctor, order a toe tag, cuz I’m gonna tear off your head and spit down your neck, you understand me boy?” This statement created a memorable first impression of Morales in the movie. 


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