Why Ron Perry from Chicago P.D. Looks So Familiar

Dominic West’s series, which he has led, is one of the most important in recent years. “The Wire.”Most police procedural shows are focused on the heroics and courage of police officers. This one focuses more on the flaws in the system and how they are failing the American people. Black Americans, specifically. From 2002 to 2008, running on HBO “The Wire”It is listed on numerous lists of the greatest shows of all-time. BBC It is called itThe “greatest TV series of the 21st century.”

Robert Wisdom is a Major Howard in the series. “Bunny”Colvin, Veteran of the Baltimore Police Department. He is a Baltimore Police Officer since 1974 and has never been surprised by anything. He thinks the war on drugs has failed and wants to segregate school students from each other. This is why he supports the segregation of school kids, with regular students on one side and street children on the other. When asked about his character as a platform for radical ideas, he answered candidly.via Hobo Trashcan).

“I have to say, personally, my life has always been a bit of a maverick, so I do have that affinity with Bunny,”Wisdom says. “It’s this irresistible call, he winds up trying to reform situations. It’s a very strange thing for him. He looks at a situation, and he gets these almost intuitive bursts where he says, ‘If this happened and this happened, we could get something done.’ All he wants to do is move the s*** 10 inches down the way.”


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