Why Is Ya Boy Kongming! What’s the Biggest Flop In Anime Season?

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Many mangas sadly don’t wind up translating well to the anime format. It’s a unique combination of luck and talent that make an adaptation as good as the source material.  If not, at times, even better. Ya Boy KongmingThis manga is extremely successful, but it seems tragically to have been a failure of an animation. This story has a lot to offer but has yet to see its potential fulfilled.

The manga has received numerous awards and been ranked high as a top-seller. While the anime has enjoyed some popularity, it has also been controversial. Let’s look at why Ya Boy KongmingThis could be the biggest flop in spring 2022.

2022’s Biggest Flop?

ya boy kongming logo
The logo ‘Ya Boy Kongming’

Ya Boy KongmingIt is a comedy anime. The story revolves around Zhuge Liang, a historical figure and Chinese military strategist. After his death, he’s reborn in Japan, where he befriends the aspiring singer Eiko. He uses his strategic mind to help Eiko climb the ranks to stardom. All the while he’s attempting to adjust to the struggles of modern life in Japan.

The controversy surrounding the show was quite evidentMany consider anti-Chinese references early on. Two countries that have been a part of each other for centuries are Japan and China. To this day there’s a lot of long-held xenophobia between the Japanese and Chinese people. Overall, Ya Boy KongmingThey are not disrespectful of Chinese culture. But it seems as though they’re walking on eggshells around much of their Chinese audience.

What’s more, the show has come under fire for seeming to lose the plot midway through the season. Zhuge is the main character of the show, even though the show revolves around Eiko and Zhuge. Eiko is the main character in many episodes, while Zhuge plays more of a supporting part. Many viewers took issue with this as they just don’t find Eiko nearly as interesting as Zhuge. Many are calling it the flop season of spring.

Ya Boy Kongming Season 2?

Despite Ya Boy KongmingSeason 2 may be canceled despite not living up to its potential. There is currently no evidence to suggest a cancellation. By the end of Season 1’s 12 episodes, it had one of the highest ratings of any show from MyAnimeList‘s spring slate. For many fans, that makes it seem extremely likely that the show will wind up getting a renewal for Season 2. There’There is certainly enough manga source material.

The show still has its loyal fans, despite all the controversy. So it is possible we’ll be seeing more Ya Boy KongmingThe future. If it continues to build toward the manga’s level of quality, it may become a top-tier show yet.


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