Why Harley Quinn’s Suicide Squad Costume Makes No Sense

In “Suicide Squad,” Harley wears a red and blue jacket featuring white and yellow detailing, a white and red baseball tee that reads “Daddy’s Lil Monster,” and a pair of sequined red and blue shorts. The ensemble is topped off with a matching studded belt, a bat for combat, and pink and blue dyed pigtails. This is a pretty big change from her classic, jester-inspired black and red bodysuit in the comics. 

The biggest issue with the outfit, aesthetics aside, is that it makes no sense as something to be fighting in, whether against the Enchantress, Batman, or other criminals. Furthermore, it’s very telling that Harley’s other squad members are fully clothed, with almost no skin showing, and are equipped with more protective layers than her. For example, Deadshot has a full red and black bodysuit with body armor. In contrast, Harley’s costume is incredible revealing, and protects her from essentially nothing. While there are non-armored male characters, like Killer Croc and El Diablo, they have superpowers — which Harley does not.

When Harley returns in “Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn)” she again wears a shirt and shorts for most of the movie, but they cover much more of her body, exposing her to less damage. Furthermore, in 2021’s “The Suicide Squad,” Harley finally is seen wearing something much more accurate to the comics, and more suitable for combat — sporting red and black pants, a jacket, and a bustier, featuring her signature diamond print. Most importantly, though, her post-“Suicide Squad” outfits, while hardly body armor, have at least made sense.


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