Who is Lily D Moore She wants to be the first woman with Down Syndrome to win an Oscar

Actress Lily D Moore doesn’t want her Down syndrome prevent her from winning an Academy Award. So she is thriving as an entertainer, advocate and champion for people with disabilities.

Most people remember Lily D Moore, fashion lover Rebecca from Netflix. “Never Have I Ever.”Yet, she was able to book her first major role in Hallmark. “Color My World with Love”David DeSanctis is another actor with Down syndrome.

Moore’s character Kendall (DeSanctis) is the firm’s model. She falls in love with Brad and gets engaged to him. However, her mom Emma (Erica Durance) worries that Kendall and Brad might not be ready to marry.

Source: YouTube.com/Natalie Moore| Source: YouTube.com/Natalie Moore


After taking lessons and learning about them, Love and understandingEmma accepts Kendall’s decision, and she supports her in preparing for the most memorable day of her life. 

Moore was gifted by Hallmark first opportunityMoore was proud to play the role of lead actress in a movie and hopes it is not the last. Moore claimed that Down syndrome actors are capable of playing leads in films. 

Source: YouTube.com/Natalie Moore| Source: YouTube.com/Natalie Moore

She said that people with disabilities have real feelings and should be depicted as normal people who want to love, marry, find jobs, go to college, etc.

DeSanctis is also very ambitious for his future. Although he has been involved in other projects, he wants to venture out of his comfort zone and develop TV shows or films.


She is also a promising actress. MooreShe is also a model for and advocate for people with disabilities. She has been featured in many projects, including “Dangerous Minds,” “Never Have I Ever,” “Gifted,” “Sleepy Hollow,” “Lift.” 

Moore is also a successful model. She has worked with photographers Thomas Dodd and Elizaveta Porodina and walked in Kornit Los Angeles Fashion Week shows.

The “Color My World with Love”Star is also a Champion ambassador for Special Olympics, and has worked with Breaking Barriers International and Extra Special People.

[Moore]Will attend Clemson University in order to study Healthcare.

Moore also created HELP (Helping Everybody with Love and Passion), a program that supports homeless people by providing them food and toiletries.


Moore has always loved acting ever since she was six years old when she joined her first drama class. Moore knows it can be hard to get rejected. She hopes to change that. Pave the wayFor people with disabilities who work in the entertainment industry. 

Moore’s mission would be made easier if she won an Oscar. She revealed that she wanted the title of Down syndrome actress. Academy Award.

Moore has an intense schedule these days. Moore has a full schedule, including appearances in “Dangerous Moms” “Holy Irresistible,”To study healthcare, she will attend Clemson University.

Moore is certain that she couldn’t have done this all on her own. She is grateful to her “super helpful”She is so grateful to her older sisters and parents for their support and encouragement. Way to go!


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