Who is Lil Dicky, you ask?

LIL DICKY is a popular rapper known for his comedy undertones.

Twitter users compared Lil Dicky to Jack Harlow in May 2022.

Lil Dicky, an entertainer, started his career in rap.

Who is Lil Dicky, you ask?

Born on March 15, 1988, Lil Dicky – real name David Burd – is a native of Pennsylvania.

Lil Dicky, a Philadelphia native, began rapping as an elementary student.

He was a graduate of Cheltenham High School and then graduated from the University of Richmond summa laude in 2010.

After graduating, Lil Dicky moved to San Francisco and started working for an advertising agency.

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Who is Lil Dicky, you ask?


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Who is Lil Dicky, you ask?


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Lil Dicky’s first mixtape, “So Hard” was released in May 2013.

In 2014, Hump Days was followed by a second.

His debut album, Professional Rapper was released on July 31, 2015.

What is Lil Dicky’s net worth?

According to Celebrities Net WorthLil Dicky’s net worth is approximately $8million.

Lil Dicky worked with numerous big-name artists such as Snoop Dogg (Fatty Wap), Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, and Justin Bieber.

Lil Dicky started a television series loosely inspired by his life, Dave.

The show follows a fictionalized version of Lil Dicky – a simple man from the suburbs who believes himself to be the greatest rapper of all time.

Dave, an FXX series premiered its first episode in March 2020.

Who is Lil Dicky, you ask?
In 2020, Lil Dicky launched a television that was based on Dave’s life.
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Is Lil Dicky in an affair?

Lil Dicky has kept his love life incredibly secret.

Many of his fans believe that Ally is based on Molly, his ex-girlfriend.

In 2015, he released the title song Molly. The lyrics tell the story about losing your love because you are pursuing a career.

Molly may not be the woman’s real name, but it is who Lil Dicky has chosen to identify her as – confirming the relationship in a 2016 Reddit post.

The comedian rapper has never publicly dated another person.

What did Jack Harlow and Lil Dicky say?

On Tuesday, May 3, 2022, a user took to TwitterTo read more: “jack harlow havin the career lil dicky thought he was gonna have.”

Jack Harlow, a Kentucky rising rapper, released his debut album in December 2020.

One user Answered: “Lil Dicky got Snoop Dogg on his debut (only) album, a star studded environmental theme song, a tv show, then dipped.”

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Who is Lil Dicky, you ask?


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Who is Lil Dicky, you ask?


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The song in reference is Earth, which dropped in 2019 in association with the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation.

Another user Additional: “Y’all better stop comparing Jack Harlow to Lil Dicky. Dave would rap circles around him, with all due respect.”

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