Who is anti-vaxx actor Sean Ward – and who did he play in Coronation Street?

Ex-Corrie star Sean Ward recently revealed he’s living on a friend’s couch and that work has dried up because of his anti-vaxx views. Here’s what you need to know about the actor including his role on Coronation Street

Sean Ward is reported to be now homeless and without a job after he shared his controversial views regarding vaccinations

Sean Ward, an actor and familiar face to Corrie fans, has disclosed that he is no longer working and lives on the couch with a friend after sharing his anti-vaxx views.

Social media posts by the Coronation Street actor revealed that he is unable to find employment. “in front of or behind the camera”. He also had to sell his four-bedroom home and his car because he couldn’t afford them.

Here are the facts about Sean Ward’s career, including his role on ITV soap before his fall from grace because of his strong views on Covid vaccines.

Who was Sean Ward playing in Coronation Street’s musical?

Sean Ward played Callum Logan, a criminal drug dealer, on Coronation Street between October 2014 and September 2015.



Manchester-based actor Sean Ward began acting as a child. He convinced his mother to let him audition for the film Cheeky At Manchester Airport.

The series Island At War was his first appearance. He later became a full-time actor when he retired in 2007.

He played the role of Callum Logan, a criminal dealer in drugs, on Coronation Street. His first appearance was on October 14, 2014.

Callum’s story included a relationship and battle with Kylie Platt, played by Paula Lane. He used Max to wage war on the family.

Sean’s time as Weatherfield’s villain lasted only a year. His character was killed in September 2015.

Callum died at the hands Kylie. Kylie dealt a blow as Callum was about to rape Sarah O’Brien. Callum’s final episode was aired live in celebration of ITV’s 60th Anniversary.

Although it was short-lived Sean’s time on Corrie earned him The British Soap Award as Villain of the year and The British Soap Award as Best Newcomer.

His TV credits include brief appearances on The Bill, The Royal and Accused before his big role in Corrie.

He was also seen in Awaydays, where he played Robbie’s role in 2009, and in Our Girl, a military drama.

Sean Ward is now where?

Sean Ward wrote a long note about how he fell on hard times after sharing anti-vaxx views.


Julian Hamilton/Daily Mirror

Sean has experienced a steep decline in grace since his Coronation Street role, which was nominated for an award.

Sean, who claimed that Covid vaccines might make people’super-spreaders’ has shared many comments and rants about his anti-vaxx views on Instagram.

In a recent posting, he stated that his views had caused his acting career stagnation. He claimed that his acting career was stagnant and that there had been no work. “usual ways of making money just stopped.”

The actor, who reportedly once earned around £100,000 a year, shared that he couldn’t afford rent on his four-bedroom house, and that he has slept on a mattress in a “friend’s spare room for over a year now.”

Despite a few complaints about his loss of his home, car and even his teeth, the actor said that he was sticking with his vaccination views because he believes “it’s all worth it if I saved a life”.

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