White Mom Fights to Adopt Black Son, Years Later He Repays Her by Donating a Kidney to Her

Parents are known for loving their kids unconditionally and risking everything possible for their survival. But the question is, will a child do the same for their parents? Surprisingly, a boy gave his mom the ultimate gift for Mother’s Day.

She showered him with tender love and care and never once wavered in her role as a mother. While she looked after him without any expectations, she was overjoyed when he paid it forward just in time. 

The story we’re sharing today is about an incredible mother and son duo who showed the world that the connections forged through love only become more profound with time.

Ingeborg kisses her son, Jordan, after her kidney transplant [Left] Ingeborg holds baby Jordan in her arms [Right]. | Source: facebook.com/khon2news | facebook.com/WIBQAM

Ingeborg McIntosh and Jordan McIntosh were not your average mother and son pair. They shared an indescribable bond that went as far back as Jordan’s birth. Ingeborg was a foster mom who had cared for more than 120 foster children. 

As a foster parent, she was used to taking in kids, looking after them, and then waving goodbye when the time came. That was how she met Jordan, but there was something about him that she couldn’t forget. 

“They placed him in my arms, and it was love at first sight,” recalled Ingeborg. The Arizona foster mom loved caring for children and watching them thrive, but she never thought her love and devotion would be returned in the future. 

When the time came for Ingeborg to bid farewell to Jordan, she couldn’t bring herself to part ways with the sweet boy. His biological mother wanted him to go into an African American home or a biracial family. 

The young man stated that he wished to inspire other people to pay it forward however they could.

But a part of Ingeborg wanted to keep Jordan forever. In a surprising twist of fate, there were no homes available for Jordan, and Ingeborg officially adopted him when he turned four. 


When asked how she felt about adopting Jordan, the doting mom shared that he had always been a part of her family. Nearly 27 years later, in 2014, Ingeborg fell sick with polycystic kidney disease. 

As a devoted son, Jordan looked after his angel mother and never left her side. But despite the treatment, Ingeborg was told her best shot at survival was getting a kidney transplant. The dismal woman only feared being separated from her son. 

Unbeknownst to her, Jordan had mapped out everything and secretly got tested to see if he was a match. A little before Mother’s Day 2014, Ingeborg received the most extraordinary gift from her beloved son — a renewed chance at life.

Ingeborg McIntosh. | Source: YouTube.com/HLN

Ingeborg recounted how she kept telling Jordan to back off before the surgery, but he stood his ground. “I can’t ask for a better son,” responded Ingeborg, with tears in her eyes. When asked how he felt about donating his kidney to his mom, Jordan expressed:

“Everything she’s done for me since I was a kid, I just wanted to give it back to her, and show her how much I appreciate her.”

The affectionate son explained that he wished to do more for his beloved mother in the future, but it was the least he could do at the moment. “I feel like this was my calling in life, I guess,” added Jordan. 


Thankfully, Ingeborg’s surgery went smoothly, and there were no health complications. Recalling how hard his mom fought to keep him, Jordan shared he was relieved he had returned the favor to some extent. 

The young man stated that he wished to inspire other people to pay it forward however they could. Undoubtedly, Ingeborg raised Jordan into an incredible young man, and their story is heartwarming. Please share it with your loved ones. 

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