Where is Amazon’s The Boys Actually Filmed?

Where is Amazon's The Boys Actually Filmed?

While “The Boys”Although it is set in New York City the series was not shot in the United States. The series was shot in Ontario, Canada just north of the border (via IMDb). 

As tracked by Toronto LifeThe dynamic urban setting is captured at various locations throughout Toronto. “The Boys.” Notable facilities in Toronto like Meridian Arts Centre, North York Civic Centre, and Roy Thomson Hall are used to replicate buildings in Manhattan. To portray the Big Apple, the show uses local parks, institutions, squares, such as David Pecaut Square and Pinkerton’s Snack Bar. 

The series was not filmed in New York City but the plot is so action-packed that it doesn’t matter. We can’t wait for Season 3, as there were many loose ends in the second season finale. “The Boys”This summer, premieres


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