When will the first radio message from an alien arrive? Scientists now believe they know the answer.

Spatial geeks looking to hear from aliens might have a long wait.

Experts believe they have figured out when extra-terrestrials are likely to contact us.


ET won’t call you anytime soonCredit: Getty

Despite our renewed efforts to call out aliens, it is very unlikely that we will see them again. Nor will our grandchildren.

Scientists predict that we will not get an answer in the next 400,000 years.

This study examines the complex problem of CETIs (communicating extraterrestrial intelligent civilizations).

That is an intelligent guess. Our only source for intelligent life is us.

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For a long time scientists have made estimations based on something called the Drake equation, which is used to estimate the number of alien beings in the Milky Way.

“Most studies on this problem are based on the Drake equation,”Researchers say.

“The obvious difficulty of this method is that it is uncertain and unpredictable to quantify the probability that life may appear on a suitable planet and eventually develop into an advanced communicating civilisation.”

How on Earth could they have come up with such a large number, like 400,000 years, with so little information?

They did a complicated calculation, which also included galactic star formations. Then they weighed up the possibility that stars could host Earth-like worlds in their habitable areas.

Wenjie Song and He Gao of Beijing Normal University, both study authors, agree that it will. “remain entirely in the domain of hypothesis until any positive detection is made”.

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There is still hope that something will happen.

Scientists will continue to update the message sent out into space by Earth’s satellites, which will reveal Earth’s exact location. Some scientists fear that it could lead to an alien invasion.

Digital illustrated UFO on country road.


Digital illustrated UFOs on the country roadCredit: Getty
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