WhatsApp hack lets users ‘disappear’ from their messaging service without installing app

Whatsapp users can hide their friends and colleagues by using the app.

Privacy features on mobile devices enable users to hide their identities if they don’t want to be noticed.


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Reports indicate that there are many ways to exit the app without having it deleted. Sprout Wired.

If users want to stop receiving messages from their app, they can force it to stop.

To do so, go to the applications tab and search for WhatsApp.

Then, they can tap on the messenger icon to select “force stop.”

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Next, tap the mobile data area to disable it. “background data.”

This process works only when you are connected to mobile data, not wifi.

After going through the procedure, the user doesn’t receive messages even when 4G is turned on, Sprout Wired reported.

The app can also temporarily be disabled. This can be done by going to the “help” tab.

For the company to unlink the account, the user will need to notify the app about the loss of their device.

The account can be reactivated after a grace period of 30 days.

It’s normal to quickly check any messages that pop up from WhatsApp, but turning off notifications can help users who want to take some time off.

This can be adjusted in the phone’s settings or through the app itself where the user can customize sound, vibration, pop-up, light and notification style.

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It is possible to turn off read receipts, which can help users feel less pressure to answer messages immediately.

If users need to take a break, they can use a timer.

A WhatsApp icon shows notifications


An icon for WhatsApp shows notificationsCredit: Getty
The WhatsApp messaging app appears on a screen


The WhatsApp messaging app is displayed on a screenCredit: Getty

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