What’s the Next Step for the “This Is Us” Cast? This is where you can see the actors from the show after its final episode

“This is Us”The Pearsons have said goodbye as the show comes to an end. The show is over but the actors can move on to new series and musical projects. 

Known for huge speeches and gestures, the finale of “This Is Us”Unexpected in the most subtle and beautiful way. Rather than going big, the creators focused on the importance of the small moments in life. 

It showed the interconnectedness and beauty of all life, as the series does. It exuded its familiar authenticity that connects to audiences worldwide. 

It could be this genuine nature of the award-winning series that helped it blossom into a top-rated series. Speaking to this simple and heartwarming essence of the show, creator Dan Fogelman  

 “I always thought that the boldest and most confident ending for the show would be pulling out one final magic trick at the end and then one big, obviously emotional, sad ending in death, and then allowing the final episode to be a simple reflection on family and time.”

There were also some surprises in the final. Touching exchanges between Uncle Nicky and Kevin Pearson and Toby and his ex-wife Kate Pearson among other plotlines and relationships.

“This Is Us”Cast Mandy Moore (Chris Sullivan), Justin Hartley (Chrissy Metz), Sterling K. Brown (Suzanne Kelechi Watson) on a press trip.Source: Getty Images | Source: Getty Images

The next steps for the show were also discussed. “Big Three”Kevin, Kate and Randall are triplets. This included Kevin’s non-profit dedicated to their dad and Kate opening up her music schools.

Randall’s fate, however, is still uncertain. However, the real question remains: what next for actors who take on these roles? 


Justin Hartley, who plays the now-matured actor and triplet Kevin will be involved in several Netflix projects. He will also be embroiled in the CBS adaption of the novel “The Never Game,” written by Jeffrey Deaver.

Three-time Emmy award-winnerSterling K. Brown will be working indie film as Randall Pearson, an intelligent and high-achieving character. “Honk For Jesus. Save Your Soul.” He is also set to star in the movie “Biosphere.”

The third “Big Three” member, Kate Pearson, known for her dark and witty attitude, was played by Chrissy Metz. Metz will match her character’s love for music, following her passion for melodies going forward. But she claimed she is. We are not stopping acting. 

Mandy Moore will play Rebecca Pearson, the beloved matriarch, who, like her fictional child, will also follow her passion for singing. This talented actress will be touring the country in June and July. 

Then, we get the idolized father, Jack Pearson. Milo Ventimiglia will reprise the role in a new series. “The Company You Kepp,” where he will take on the part of a con-man. 


Many cast members took to social media to express their goodbyes and sadness over the show’s end. Moore Tweet

“As we close out the final chapter, let me leave you with this…’Take the risks. Make the big moves, even if they’re small moves. Forge ahead with your lives in any and every direction that moves you. I’m asking you to be fearless.’ – Rebecca Pearson [sic]”

Brown was also present on the platform. Submitted, “To my brother and sister, @justinhartley& @ChrissyMetz, I love you guys so damn much!. “Hartley shared a picture on Twitter of himself and the fictional triplets he created, to express how much he will miss them. They are often overlooked

Metz shared a compilation of Kate’s most memorable scenes on Instagram. Her confrontationShe was sexually abused by Toby as a young girl. Her major fight with Toby and many more. 

Moore also posted a photo on Instagram of the Pearson family, which he shared with the world. “Big Three”They were still young and expressive How quickly they grow up

Susan Kelechi Watson, who plays the widely admired wife of Randall, took to Instagram too, posting a selfie of her and Brown while We are grateful to allThanks for being with us. 

Finally, referencing the train that Kate imagined she was walking through while passing away, Fogelman : “Thank you for taking this train ride with us. It’s been the trip of a lifetime.”


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