What to give tech fans for Christmas – four inventive gifts they won’t expect

WITH Christmas fast approaching, the moment is here to get your favorite techie one of these thoughtful, yet unexpected gifts.

Whether you’re married to a gadget-lover or related to a video game wiz, getting a gift for that special tech aficionado in your life doesn’t have to be stressful.


Give someone the gift of fixing this ChristmasCredit: Getty – Contributor

While it’s no secret that the latest gadgets on the market can be painfully expensive, there are plenty of tech-adjacent gifts that don’t break the bank, yet still shows them you care.

Here’s are some unconventional technology-related presents to consider when doing your holiday shopping this year.

The gift of fixing

If your significant other has a terrible habit of breaking their phone screens all the time (we’re sure their clumsiness is one of the many reasons you love them), then give them the gift of fixing one of their devices this holiday season.

You can either take them to a repair shop or give them a gift card for a phone/laptop repair service.

Better yet, if you are qualified to make the repairs on their devices, you can do it yourself for an ultra-thoughtful approach.

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The gift of love

Without a doubt, technology has touched every aspect of our lives.

One of the biggest ways tech has shaped modern humanity is the way we form connections, mainly through online dating apps.

This Christmas, you can give someone you care about the gift of love (or at least a glimmer of hope for finding love) by paying for their dating app subscription for a given period of time.

The gift of creation

There are plenty of ways to use technology to create something special for your sweetheart, close friend, or loving relative.

You can create a photo album that showcases your good times together using nothing more than the click of your fingers with services like Shutterfly and Collage.

And the fun doesn’t have to end at photo albums.

These services also let you customize everyday items such as pillows, canvases, and blankets (because who doesn’t want to see their face plastered all over a blanket.)

The gift of no tech

Lastly, you might want to consider giving your special techie the gift of no-tech — after all, everyone needs a break now and again.

You can book your person a weekend getaway, preferably somewhere out of WiFi range.

If that’s out of your budget, you could try booking a couple’s yoga classes nearby.

If yoga’s not your thing, you can try any other type of class that lets them, or both of you take a break from technology and unwind.

Give someone the gift of love this holiday season


Give someone the gift of love this holiday seasonCredit: Getty
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