What Ryan Seacrest and Julianne Hough’s Relationship Looks Like

Breakups are never easy, but splitting while you’re in the public eye can get downright messy. But, for your exes Ryan Seacrest Julianne Hough, their friendship survived the breakup and they’re still just as close. 

The Reason They Were able to Break Up

Seacrest and Hough started dating in 2010, but split in 2013. Sources close to Hough and Seacrest claim that their split was caused by work schedule conflicts and timing. 

In Interview with Parade Hough claimed that Hough had said at the time: “It’s a hard thing to do, especially when you’re so caught up in your work and bettering yourself. I think at the end of the day you have to find a balance with what’s really important.”

Although many believed that this would mean the end of their relationship, Seacrest & Hough shared recently that they remain friends. Hough and her brother Derek recently appeared as guests on Seacrest’s radio show Ryan Seacrest On-Air

Hough: ‘We’re Friends’

The American IdolThe host said that his On-Air colleagues were concerned about awkwardness between the exes. But he assured them that it would be fine. “Sisanie and Tanya [co-hosts] have been asking me if this is awkward for me, and I said, ‘Not at all.’” 

Derek jokingly said, “It’s awkward for me!”But Hough agreed to Seacrest’s statement. “We’re friends, we chat.”The couple also discussed the possibility that ex-partners could become friends after ending a relationship. 

“[My co-hosts] don’t understand the concept that one can remain friends after a breakup. Or after dating or whatever happened,” Seacrest continued. “Julianne feels the same as I do. There is nothing uncomfortable about it because we remained friends for years and still are.” 

The Dancing With The Stars alum echoed his statements, saying that the two remain good friends and that they have ”respect and love” for each other. The fact that they both have publicly moved on is likely to help banish any awkwardness. 

Seacrest was recently linked to screenwriter and model Aubrey Paige Petcosky. Hough, on the other hand, married Brooks Laich in 2017. Hough is apparently already with Charlie Wilson, although the couple divorced in 2020. While both have since pursued new relationships, it’s nice to see that Seacrest and Hough still stay in touch! 

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