What is TikTok’s Wren Eleanor Movement?

A THREE YEAR-OLD has more 17.3 million followers on TikTok, and has built a whole platform for her.

TikTok users recently discovered alarming facts regarding the star’s videos.


Wren Eleanor has gained millions of fans in just a few short years thanks to her funny, cute videosCredit: TIKTOK/wren.eleanor

What is TikTok’s Wren Eleanor Movement?

Wren Eleanor, three-year-old girl from Nebraska, became famous through her TikTok channel. Her mom Jacquelyn also runs it.

Wren’s TikTok channel features sweet and entertaining content.

Some TikTok moms found disturbing facts about Wren’s videos despite the fact that Wren is a pure source of content.

One user hashtagfactsShared how Wren’s videos were saved an unusual amount of times.

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TikTok’s’save’ feature allows users access to their most favorite videos and to look back at them.

She claimed that Wren’s clip in which she was wearing an orange croptop had more than 45K saves. Wren also ate a hotdog nearly 375K of those saves.

Apart from the strange number of saved items, users have also noticed disturbing things that appear when they begin typing Wren’s name into TikTok’s search bar.

“Wren Eleanor hot dog,”Oder “Wren Eleanor pickle,”Here are some of these popular searches, which are obviously concerning.

Many moms on TikTok began to think about their content after seeing Wren’s distressing situation and decided to remove videos from their children.

Makayla Musick (a creator) deleted every video of her daughter because she realized how terrifying the internet could be.

“I just saw the posts on Tiktok and was absolutely appalled by the story and had decided that I needed to protect my daughter,”Shared Musick Fox News Digital.

“Wren’s story brought a lot of light to all the sick people in the world.”

“So, I decided to remove my own daughter’s photos from anyone who is not close family/close friends. My duty as her mother is to protect her from things like this,” continued Musick.

“I took the initiative to remove her photos before anything like Wren’s situation could happen to my own daughter.”

According to TikTok’s safety guidelines, sexual exploitation is characterized as “any visual depiction of sexually explicit nudity or conduct of a minor, whether captured by predatory adults, peers, or self-generated by minors.”

Wren’s channel has lots of cute, child-like activities. The problem isn’t Wren, it’s her mother.

The Sun reached out to Wren’s mom for comment, but she was not available to speak.

Who is Wren Eleanor and what are their responsibilities?

Wren Eleanor, a Nebraskan, was born May 21, 2019.

In mid-2019, she made her TikTok debut when she was barely a year old.

Jacquelyn posts cute and funny videos of Wren and is well-known for their adorable videos. Grandma vs. mom outfitVideos and drink-pouring content.

This mom vs. grandmother outfit content is one the most viewed trends with over a million views.

What are people saying online about it?

Wren’s condition has been the subject of concern and alarm on TikTok.

“But parents have to understand that when you’re putting this information out to the public, you’re opening up your world to the entire outside world,” said executive director of the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children Calahan Walsh.

“And anybody on these social media platforms — especially if your, if your page is public — Anybody in the entire world can view and consume the content that you’re putting out there…”

It is crucial to be cautious about what you post online, as web crime continues to rise.

“Wow scary this is why my kids are not on here or anywhere,”One mom commented on #Hashtagfact’s YouTube video.

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Another user commented “Thank you for posting. This is why I don’t post my kids anymore. Sure 98% of viewers are Innocent and think it’s cute. But that 2% isn’t worth it.”

“300k saves is definitely not for the right reason,”Another viewer was also bothered.


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