What is the Tesco method for TikTok

TikTok offers a variety of entertainment options, including viral dances and pranks.

However, some Tesco shoppers are now eligible for free treats by using the Tesco method.


TikTok members have been getting sweets for free by using the Tesco Method

What is the Tesco method for TikTok

You can get tons of sweets by using the Tesco method.

The method is extremely simple and involves just using a £5 coupon, as reported by The Tab.

First, get the coupon online.

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After checking out all your sweets, you can click on ‘Finish & Pay’ to add coupons.

You can scan the coupon from there and your bill will automatically decrease as the coupon does its work.

You can scan the coupon multiple times until you reach 0.

This must be done at the self checkout. The cashiers may not allow you to use the coupon multiple time.

Even if you use self-checkout you can still be spotted by staff at the store and could be caught using the coupon system.

What is Tesco?

Tesco is a British supermarket chain, located in the United Kingdom and 11 other nations around the globe.

Tesco can be found all over the globe, including in Hungary and Thailand. It is similar to Costco USA.

TikTok creator owheelerr posted a video using the Tesco method, but the video is now gone


TikTok creator owheelerr posted this video using the Tesco method. The video is now gone

What do people think about the Tesco Method online?

Some people also attempted unsuccessful hacks, but not like the TikTok-winning Tesco hacks.

Tesco has taken the initiative to address the problem and ensure that shoppers don’t hack the coupon system.

TikTok now has many Tesco method videos removed

TikTok creator hollyvlogsofficialThe video shared that some shoppers were prohibited from shopping in local grocery stores because they participated in the fraudulent trend.

The TikTok creator shows a full bag of treats and sweets he bought for free


TikTok creator shows off a complete bag of sweets and treats he purchased for free

She shared with us that Tesco has seen its profits drop by hundreds of thousands of pounds due to people taking advantage of the coupon program.

There are two bar codes on the Tesco coupon. One is for you to scan and one is for the manufacturer.

Tesco only gets a single coupon from the manufacturer if it sends them all. Multiple-scanned coupons, however, will not be refunded.

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Some were angry at the video and one comment: “Can she tell me how much profit Tesco makes a year and how much the ceo make and shareholder yet she’s crying about a coupon what a silly person-Karen.”

Another user wrote this: “I am struggling to feel sorry for Tesco as a multibillion £ company who pay workers pennies.”


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