What Is Known About Clayton Echard’s Finale

There has been a lot of rumors surrounding Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor. Usually, by now, Reality Steve has been able to dish on who the final rose winner is. However, Clayton’s season is proving to be a little different. Keep reading to find out more about what is known about Clayton’s “historic” finale. Warning! Spoilers ahead!

What is known about Clayton Echard’s big finale?

Generally, fans see a final rose ceremony and most of the time the lead proposes. However, while rumors have been flying that Clayton did choose someone and propose. It is looking more and more like that is not the case at all.

Monday night during the newest episode of The Bachelor, creator Mike Fleiss tweeted what he called a historic announcement. He said, “Major Historic Announcement! This season’s finale of #TheBachelorABC is totally spoiler-proof. No one knows how it will end, cuz it ain’t over til it’s over! And it ain’t over…”

So of course, what does this mean and what does Reality Steve know? He went to his blog Tuesday to share what he feels comfortable confirming about the finale.

Clayton Echard via YouTube

What can fans expect?

First of all, there have been rumors online that Clayton picked Rachel and they are together. Steve has never confirmed this. Plus, in his blog today he shared that Clayton has had no happy couple weekends since filming wrapped in November.

Reality Steve said he is comfortable sharing three things he has heard regarding Clayton’s ending. He said, “1) Was told that this season does NOT have a traditional ending. 2) Was told that he was NOT with Rachel. 3) Was told that there was no finality to the season in Iceland.”

He also said that he does believe Fleiss. While Fleiss can be arrogant and go on about things Steve feels he’s on point with his announcement last night.

Plus, Steve shared that host Jesse Palmer did a recent interview that indicated there were shocking things that will happen that were not shown in the promo. Steve believes Jesse is also being honest.

This leaves many questions

Steve shared that he was told Clayton is NOT with Rachel. However, he was quick to point out that he is not sure exactly what that means. He said it simply means he was not with Rachel at the end of it all in Iceland nor did he leave the country with her.

Steve has no idea what happens past knowing who the final three women are. He does think it was Gabby and Rachel who Clayton said he was intimate with them both. However, he also noted that Clayton alluded in an interview that there’s more to that story.

To say Clayton’s season of The Bachelor is confusing would be an understatement.

What do you think will go down on the big finale?

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What Is Known About Clayton Echard's Finale
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