What happens when you flush the plane toilet?

The next time you use the toilet on a plane you might notice it isn’t as convenient as your normal toilet at home.

This article will tell you everything you need about what happens when you flush your toilet during a flight.


What happens when the toilet is flushed on a plane?Credit: Getty – Contributor

Are planes known to dump poo mid-air?

Some people believe that planes store poo until they land. Others may think it is dropped midair.

It is actually that the aircraft’s waste is pulled through a vacuum into a large storage tank and vacuumed by ground crews upon landing.

Geoff Paxton, Whitfield’s parish councillor, said that he has been working at airports for over 40 years. BBCIt is “very rare”It is possible for poo to escape from planes during flight.

He said: ‘We used to have problems with blue ice [frozen human waste and disinfectant] on arrivals but that was because those toilets used to leak.’

Cllr Paxton stated that lower pressures (e.g. below 6,000ft) could cause something to come out.

2017 saw a ban on pooping on trains in the UK.

Is it possible for a flight attendant to be sucked down the toilet during flight?

Many horror stories involve people being sucked into a toilet while on a plane.

Fortunately, this is not true. The vacuum created by the plane toilet only works at the disposal pipe’s opening. So no, you can’t.

Before a flight, can I use the bathroom?

Crew advise against using the toilet before taking off, even though planes don’t have the same rules that trains do.

Caroline Mercedes, flight attendant, told Insider that toilet breaks spark delays because it slows down the boarding process.

She stated that it was not wise to go to the toilet as soon as you board the plane.

“There’s always a line of people in the back during boarding that makes the process slower.”

Another flight attendant explained that it was fine to use the toilet as soon as you get onboard, but not during the safety demonstration.

They replied, “It’s okay to go to the toilet before takeoff. However, if you see flight attendants performing safety demonstrations, you should remain seated and wait for the seatbelt sign to be removed.

“When passengers get up during the safety demonstration, we need to stop, wait, and start from the beginning when everyone is back to their seats.”

 Don't worry about being sucked into the plane toilet either


Do not be alarmed if you are sucked into the plane’s toilet.Credit: Getty


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