What happened to the original cast of Dukes Of Hazzard?

Though forever enshrined in pop culture history for her cut-off shorts — which eventually came to Bear her name — Bo and Luke’s cousin, Daisy Duke, was more than just eye candy for the series. She balanced her occasional naivete — which invariably landed her in hot water that required assistance from the Duke brothers — with a list of considerable physical skills: Daisy was a crack shot with both a gun and a bow and arrow, rode horses, and on more than one occasion, proved as capable a driver as Bo and Luke. Her penchant for falling in love with the wrong man, even though she was well-meaning, especially when her deputy Enos is involved.Sonny Shroyer) carried such an obvious torch for her. 

Catherine BachI played a variety of minor roles in television and features, as well as guest shots. “Police Woman,”Before becoming a star as Daisy Duke, Neben her TV stardom, Daisy Duke sold a poster featuring Bach as Daisy. Five million copies

“I didn’t look at it as being a pinup,” Bach In 2022 of the imageAfter refusing to be photographed in an oiled bikini, she made it all by herself. “On a personal level, my husband at the time didn’t like me working. So I was going through this hard time emotionally trying to be independent and assertive.”

Bach was also a guest on a few other programs while she was on the series. “The Love Boat.”When “Dukes”Bach was largely unnoticed as the network course ran. For the TV-movies, she portrayed Daisy again. Other than a few minor films, there were no other TV-movies. “African Skies,”Her appearance was largely unremarkable. Bach was a regular on-screen role in the new millennium, but she returned to TV only sporadically. “The Young and the Restless,”Along with guest shots “Monk” “Hawaii Five-O.”


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