What Happened to The Cast Of Living Singles

It’s always fun to see real relatives playing fictional relatives on TV or in movies. “Living Single.” Chip Fields played the recurring character of Laverne Hunter, the mother of real-life daughter Kim Fields’ character Regina, across all five seasons of “Living Single.”Chip was previously a consultant on the series before Laverne made her debut. She played Bev, a character that Chip had created, and a bar patron who she did not name. She was also a consultant for the series. “Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper,” “Me and the Boys,” “Arsenio,” “Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century,” “The Parkers.”

Chip is also a director, just like Kim. First episode of “Season One” was her first. “Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper,”Then she spent several more years as a director of episodes on a variety of shows. Chip was able to use that experience to her advantage. She increased her time in the chair of directorOn shows like “Girlfriends,” “One on One,” “The Parkers.”She’s not slowing down because she’s 70 years old and has directed 25 Nickelodeon episodes. “Young Dylan”These two years have been her most successful. She has, however, largely stopped acting. Only four creditSince the end “Living Single”Since 2007, there has been none 


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