What happened to Max Kallschmidt

Plathville is your home Fans want to know: “What happened to Max Kallschmidt?” If you watched the Plath family’s TLC show, you saw Moriah fall in love with a young man named Max. Fans loved Max and they seemed to be in a strong relationship. Now, things look different. Fans have been waiting for an update on their relationship for several months.

What happened to Max Kallschmidt, then?

Moriah Plath Instagram

Plathville is your home fans want answers about Max and Moriah’s relationship.

Instagram Monday, March 29 Moriah Plat shared a video of herself in a new videoDance with her younger sisters Amber and Mercy. Fans are still talking about the dance, and the special time spent bonding with their sisters. Others have a big question to Moriah. Fans want to find out what happened to Max Kallschmidt.

Many fans have asked Moriah about Max’s status in their relationship. After all, it’s been months since either of them have posted photos together. Plathville is your home Fans also noted that they had deleted old photos together.

While Moriah hasn’t responded to the questions about Max, he has shared his side of the story.

What’s the latest update from Max Kallschmidt?

In a YouTubeMax opens up to his fans about his relationship and where he is now. He admitted that he made mistakes, which ultimately led Moriah to break up with him. Many have accused Max, since the video was made, of using Moriah to gain clout. Others have claimed he’s victimizing himself despite cheating on his girlfriend.

Max’s video confirms that he is no longer with Moriah. But Plathville is your home Fans are disappointed to hear the news that the couple have split. However, they are happy to have heard the other side. Moriah may soon share her side.

If you’re curious about Max and Moriah’s relationship and where he is today, check out the video below.

Moriah may soon speak to her fans about the events. She may choose to handle this privately. She seems to be focusing her attention on herself, and discovering who she is.

Did you know Max and Moriah had a split? Are you able to see the full video explanation? Comment below to let us know your thoughts. Get more information on the Plathville is your home Family, please come back TV Shows Ace. 

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