What Happened to Jade Sotomayor Following RuPaul’s Drag Race.

After “RuPaul’s Drag Race,”Jade Sotomayor continued booking gigs in Chicago. She spoke in 2019 GoPrideAlthough she was in good contact with many of her Season 1 queens and her closest friends, her strongest bond with a contestant on the show was her long-standing friendship. Season 5Cast member Monica Beverly Hillz. They co-hosted events at Hamburger Mary’s where they were joined also by Monica Beverly Hillz, one of their pals. Season 4 Dida Ritz. “I look forward to every month to work with my Ru Sisters for all the fans. We play games, (do) trivia, contests and more … it is so much fun,”Sotomayor stated. Beverly Hillz and Sotomayor also collaborated to create beef empanadas in 2019’s episode of “Cooking with Drag Queens.”

The cheeky stage name of the queen is David Sotomayor. Trade Sotomayor. When she was offered a role, she donned full-length drag “Proven Innocent”In 2019, I wore a suit with some facial scruff to make a 2020 appearance. “Empire.”Sotomayor wrote a description of the latter. Instagram, “[It] was truly an amazing experience filming in the finale and do my last scene with Taraji P. Henson and Terence Howard together! They had me cracking up.”

The entertainer later added a new piece to her glamorous wardrobe: nurses’ scrubs. “When covid hit I began studying/working in healthcare! Currently working both careers now,” Sotomayor TweetIn March 2021.


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