What does Instagram mean by @silent?

Sometimes the number of messages sent through chat apps can become overwhelming.

It doesn’t matter if you have a difficult family group to keep up with, or a friend who updates too often, it is easy for apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram Direct to get very demanding.


No one likes messaging overkill…Credit: SOPA images/LightRocket via Gett

You may feel annoyed if you are the one who sends these messages.

How can you communicate something that is not urgent right now, but will be worth reading later without becoming a nuisance?

Instagram seems to be working on exactly this thing, thankfully.

Meta, an app owned by Meta, has been seen testing a new feature which allows users to send “silent” messages.

Silent messages are messages that will not trigger a notification.

This means that you can send something the receiver will see when they open the app, and not when you have alerted them.

It’s only a little relief, but will be greatly appreciated by friends or family members who don’t like their phone ringing all the time.

How to send an Instagram silent message

Silent messages were only seen in testing on some accounts, and it is not yet known if it will be fully launched.

It is easy to see if you already have it in the Instagram messaging area.

It seems that it only applies to groups on the platform.

Some users have been posting about the new feature on Twitter


Twitter users have started posting about this new feature.

If it isn’t already, you can simply type @ followed by an option that says ‘Silent – Don’t notify anyone’.

There are other ways to stop your friends from sharing too much.

Find out how to mut their postsSo they won’t flood you feed again.

There's no indication whether the feature will be rolled out to everyone


It is not clear if the feature will be made available to all users.Credit: SOPA images/LightRocket via Gett
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