What Becca Kufrin Wants Her Fans to Take from Her Untraditional Proposal

Becca Kufrin turned the tables on Thomas Jacobs when he proposed to her. He said yes, as expected. Becca came onto Bachelor in ParadiseIt was a controversial decision because she had been the lead and got engaged. Lady love smiled at Thomas on the beach, and they hit it off. They parted ways for a time, but they reconnected again and fell more in love.

She also didn’t hesitate to speak about her last engagement with Garrett Yrigoyen. Garrett won Garrett’s season of The BacheloretteShe said that she felt something was off about this one and the other. “feels right.”Arie Luyendyk proposed to her on his season of The Bachelor.

Becca Kufrin Wants Others To Encourage Her Proposal

Becca Kufrin doesn’t care that there are mixed emotions about her choice to propose. She proposed with her first engagement. “there was so much publicity and attention that it just felt weird.”According to PeopleNow she feels like she can celebrate it. Becca said there wasn’t a doubt in her mind, that Thomas would say yes. She also knew he wasn’t the type to feel emasculated ever. She was able to trust her instincts and go for it.

Thomas Jacobs and Becca Kufrin, Instagram

She hopes that her decision to propose will be an inspiration for others. Bachelorettesto propose to their winners. Becca said, “I hope that if any female on the show wants to propose to a man, hell yeah, go for it.”According to E-NewsShe believes people should “screw the norm.”She said: “I hope that other people can now feel empowered and say it’s okay to bend the rules and go outside of the norm and feel confident about it.”

She put a lot of thought into it

Becca Kufrin explained that when she decided to get married, she started planning. She had begun planning in April. In May, she asked her husband to marry her. Judge Judy proposed to Becca.

Becca Kufrin and Thomas Jacobs, Instagram
Thomas Jacobs and Becca Kufrin, Instagram

Kufrin said despite some fans hating her proposal, she hasn’t let it get her down. She claimed that Thomas and her have been able. “roll with the punches and disregard all of the nasty comments.”Becca claimed that she didn’t plan to be in a public relationship breakup, but she did sign up for something she knew would help her make her life more public.

Kufrin said, “I just wish people would realize that not everything is fair game.”

What did you think about Becca’s proposal? Are you unsure if it was too traditional or just right for their relationship? Please comment below. Please come back as always. Television Shows Ace All the BachelorBabies, hook-ups, or break-ups.

What Becca Kufrin Wants Her Fans to Take from Her Untraditional Proposal
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