What AHS Season 11 Fans Want To See

There have been lots of rumors about Season 11’s theme and who it will feature. “American Horror Story.”Redditor reported that sirens were the main focus of the plot. u/marc_stavros alleging, “ryan murphy did a poll which theme fans want for next season. ryan pushed for plague, but fans DEMANDED sirens. he commented under an insta comment it’s for season 11. but how he will incorporate sirens in it, we don’t know.”Most people who are on the same thread seem to be excited about the possibility of an “AHS”Season includes sirens and water-based stories in the narrative. Likewise, u/realistforall, said, “Watch Siren (2013). I think a horror version of that would be awesome. I love the idea of sirens, especially in the AHS universe.”

Ryan Murphy has yet to make any announcements about the casting of the 11th season. IMDb has a cast list, but fans know to take such things with a grain of salt, per u/Augusta-Cornwell. Sarah Paulson (who has already confirmed via ET CanadaEvan Peters and Kelly (who is most likely not coming back) have been long fan favourites and are still the best. The most obvious optionsFans looking for potential returnees. Others, such as u/WhyWeCameToTheCityI would love it if you could. “Wes Bentley and Chloë Sevigny would be an absolute dream to have back, though unfortunately it looks unlikely.”Other popular votes included Emma Roberts (Frances Conroy), Macaulay Curkin, Emma Roberts, Angela Bassett, Macaulay Bates and Macaulay Bates (Angela Bassett).

We should have confirmation in the next month regarding the location, theme, and main cast. “AHS”Fans are anxiously awaiting Mr. Murphy’s arrival!


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