Wendy Williams: What’s the Deal?

Fans want to find out what happened to Wendy Williams. She’s currently at odds with her brother Tommy Williams who spilled the tea about his famous sister. During a 16 minute rant on his YouTube Live, he called her “selfish”For excluding her son. Ever since her move back to New York City, she’s been surrounded by a circle of friends who aren’t looking out for her best interest.

At a strip club, she looked wide-eyed. The former TV personality was seen lying down with alcohol at her side. According to reports, she doesn’t know how to deal with reality because she can’t remember names and faces. Was she once a talk-show host?


Suffered many losses and blows

Wendy Williams has experienced a lot of things in her life. She shared her past struggles with alcoholism, substance abuse and other issues in the past. After her 2019 divorce from Kevin Hunter, she shared on her hit show that her life has been in sobriety.

In September 2021, she went on an extended hiatus form her show. After being diagnosed with serious medical issues, she took another hiatus from the show in September 2021. This time around, Wendy dealt with the effects of a breakthrough COVID case and Graves’ Disease. Even though she promised a return to television, it hasn’t been easy for her.

Wendy Williams Forgets Names [YouTube]

Wendy Williams’ health continued to get worse. She temporarily moved to Florida to be by her family’s side and to focus on her health. Shirley Williams, her mother, died in December 2020 with her family. Wendy has been through many losses and battles since then. Wendy lost control over her finances as a result of her legal battle against Wells Fargo.

On June 17, 2022, Wendy Williams ShowThe show aired its last episode without the original host. Shortly thereafter, her former team cleaned out the set in order to make way for Sherry Shepherd’s new talk show. She dealt with the death of her son as a result of their split.

Kevin went to NYC to visit his mother. Tommy, her brother claims that she kicked Tommy out of her penthouse flat. Wendy celebrated her 58th birthday on July 18 with people who aren’t taking care of her. She’s been alone with her struggles ever since.

Wendy Williams struggles with health concerns

Insider’s account The SunWendy Williams is struggling recently. She is so far from reality that she claims she’s married. Recent outings and interviews have shown her bizarre behavior. Multiple sources told the outlet that she often forgets who she’s talking to.

“You can be on the phone with her, and she will ask who she’s speaking to,”One insider said The Sun. “It’s happening to everyone in her circle.”

This isn’t just happening with the people she’s been hanging out with lately. It also happens with the friends she’s had for years. However, Wendy’s manager, Will Selby, claims that she hasn’t forgotten who he is. Earlier this week, he confirmed that the former radio host isn’t married despite her interview with Jason Lee at Hollywood Unlocked.

Wendy Williams Not Like Herself [YouTube]

Wendy Williams’ family and friends are concerned about her health and well-being. Her longtime manager even admitted that she’s not her normal self these days. He feels that it’s a result of her losses and struggles over the years. Wendy just wants to live her life since she’s been through so much.

What are you thinking? Are you concerned that Wendy Williams might be struggling due to her losses? What can you do? Leave a comment below.

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